5 Signs of Air Conditioning Problems That Need Immediate Repair

Most of the time, air conditioning units will show a sign of an issue before it breaks down. Knowing and being on the lookout for the signs of the need for air conditioning repair in Advance, NC can help you avoid unnecessary inconvenience, expense, and the frustration of a complete system breakdown.

Here are some signs of air conditioning problems you should look out for:

1. Frequent turning on and off

If your air conditioning unit starts up, runs briefly, then shuts down again, the system is experiencing short-cycling. This can happen when your A/C has more cooling capacity than what’s required in the room to be cooled, the air filter is clogged with dirt, or there’s a low refrigerant charge. 

There are many other causes of this problem, so you have to contact an air conditioning installation to diagnose and fix the issue. It is best to refrain from using a short-cycling unit until it’s fixed because running it can damage the compressor, which is the most expensive A/C component to replace.

2. Unusual sounds

When your air conditioning makes a weird sound, please don’t ignore it. It’s a clear sign of an air conditioning problem. You should not procrastinate on repair, specifically if you hear a high-pitch whistling sound, a metal grinding noise, or buzzing. These sounds are often an indication of a problem that may pose a safety risk or require costly repair.

3. Unpleasant Smell

When your A/C doesn’t smell right, something isn’t right inside it. For instance, a musty smell is a sign of mold growth inside your A/C, while a chemical-like smell indicates a refrigerant leak. A burning gunpowder smell may mean a problem with electrical components. 

If the air coming from your A/C smells foul or rotten, dead rodents or crickets are likely stuck in the unit. You need to look into the odor problem or contact denver air conditioning repair because it is usually an indication of a more serious underlying issue.

4. Poor airflow

Poor airflow can leave your home uncomfortable. It is usually a sign of obstruction in the ducts or registers, where air enters and leaves, or a problem with the power source that runs the fan which blows air through the ducts. 

Even on the most benign level, poor airflow shouldn’t be ignored because it will force the unit to work longer and harder to chill your indoor environment. That means your unit also needs more power to operate. The added strain will also increase the wear and tear on the unit, increasing the risk of breakdown. 

5. Water leaks

Your air conditioning unit comes with a condensate drain pan and a drain line to ensure the water produced during the cooling process leaves your unit without causing a mess. The condensate drain pan will catch the dripping water while the condensate drain line will move the water outdoors. The drain line can get clogged, and when it happens, the water in the drain pan will have nowhere to go and is likely to overflow. 

The water can also leak if the drain pan is damaged or got holes. If you notice a puddle of water near or under your unit, you have to look into the components mentioned above or contact a professional air conditioning repair tech in Advance, NC to fix the problem.

An air conditioning unit is a vital appliance that keeps your home comfortable. It’s also a costly investment. That’s why it is so crucial to keep up with maintenance and pay attention to any signs that your unit may need repair, so your system stays functional and efficient for many years to come. 

If you see, smell, or hear anything out of the ordinary, give a professional air conditioning repair company in Advance, NC like All About Care Heating & Air a call as soon as possible for an assessment before things get worse. You can contact the team at 336-771-9000. 

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