5 reasons why global corporations need a centralized ITSM system

Highly successful corporations try to cross national and regional borders in order to find and reach to their consumers. This results in development of managerial issues. The new type of IT services brought out by the evolving technology means that the executives will have a new task on their hands, which is managing the IT services (ITSM) globally. 

Today, we are going to discuss the 5 different reasons why corporations require a centralized ITSM system. But before you start this article why don’t you quickly go through these two short reads about whether online sharepoint can be a good software for contract management and how banking software solutions can help with your banking challenges.  

One ITSM System

Multiple businesses have units scattered in different parts of the world with their own support system which makes sure that they get IT service of superior quality and that everything performs smoothly. But the problem here is that every unit uses support system of different maturity level using different languages. This makes transfer of knowledge difficult, hinders cooperation and blocks optimization of ITSM. 

Knowing that this problem exists, many companies are now investing in an ITSM system which is centralized. This implies developing one tool for management of the IT and encouraging local units to adopt it. But your teams may wonder why change a good application that works smoothly. Here are the 5 strong reasons why you should consider an ITSM system which is centralized. 

5 Reasons Why

Maximum Value and Little Cost

As we said earlier, global businesses have units in various countries that require IT support centers. By adopting the centralized approach the company can gather around the IT support desks in various places, develop a single one and cut the costs this way. 

  • The IT support will be of high quality and extended due to better shift planning in a single service desk. 
  • Issues are resolved quickly thanks to the collaboration between the various IT teams.

IT Staff Management

When all support centers use only one ITSM system, more opportunities are produced for the management of the IT staff. 

  • Making efforts virtually can help better the quality of service from regional support centers. This way the specialists won’t be locked to specific locations and will be able to resolve problems remotely in different business units. 
  • The IT specialists may gather and use their expertise to come up with an enriched knowledge base and use it to develop quick solutions with high quality.
  • The ITSM system can be used to track the work of the various units and their staff by location and use the information that comes from it to plan staff development and coaching better than before. 

Bringing Changes Naturally 

When the database for configuration management of the configuration items is one, it is much easier to bring variations in the technical environment. This even allows you to timely detect any consequences of the change and mitigate them even if the configuration items are in different regions. Centralized ITSM lets you foresee the risks and timely insure against them.

Holistic View

The companies can really benefit from the transparent IT infrastructure across all the support centers. They can make better reports and manage the finances and performance of the IT services delivery. These reports present the full picture as the company makes sure that all the variables are taken into account and that the accountable persons are revealed. 

The Cost

When you monitor spending on the IT support and break it down by reginal support centers, this will provide you a more detailed report. The financial managers can use it to plan better and reduce costs where it is possible. 

Final Words

A centralized ITSM will run better with multi-language support, fast performance and a good balance between customization and standardization of the IT services that are delivered. However, the company should ensure that the new application is convenient for both the consumers and the IT specialists. 

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