5 Good Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring for Your House

Concrete is not the austere material people once thought it was. It can be luxurious, stylish, and a statement piece in the home. Concrete is becoming a popular option for the interior of our homes. It is used to cover interior walls, floors and even furniture. Concrete can create a beautiful monochromatic style and make your home look it’s straight out of Vogue.

Here are five reasons why concrete is fantastic for interiors.

Wear-resistant material

Concrete is both practical and attractive. It is hard-wearing and resistant to wear and tear over the years. While your hardwood floor will scratch and move over time, concrete will stay the same. You might have a few scuffs from dragging furniture across the floor – but they can be easily remedied with maintenance treatments. If you are looking into concrete flooring, ask your builder to add a few additives to make it water and crack resistant.

Customise it

You can stick to the classic grey tone and grind the harsh edges of the concrete floor until a glossy shine. If you don’t like the authentic concrete look, you can add colour and patterns to the concrete. You could use floor paint to create a glossy colour all over the floor or add a powder dye to the concrete when it’s still wet. A stain can intensify the colour and produce a unique coloured effect.

Easy to clean

Waxed concrete is super easy to clean. You can use a simple cleaning spray of soapy water to clean any dirt and spills off the floor. Avoid using any corrosive household products that could damage the glossiness of your polished concrete floor. Stick to the basics and enjoy your easy floor!

Perfect for all styles

Many decorators and builders are passionate about concrete. They enjoy the seamless effect it provides and the ease of pouring it on the floor. Concrete enthusiasts can adapt the material to all types of interiors and get creative. They can make it fantastic in classic, traditional and contemporary homes. You need to find the right professionals to bring your unusual concrete floor to life.

Energy captor

Concrete is much warmer than tiled flooring. It is perfect for underflooring heating and keeps a constant moderate surface temperature. Say goodbye to freezing cold floors in the winter months, and hello to cosy feet.

Easy to install

Polished concrete looks expensive and glamourous when it’s done well. However, concrete is actually quite an affordable material, and it’s much quicker to install compared to other floorings.

Concrete can look fantastic in any home with the right styling and professional team. Get creative with the materials in your space and step outside the box.

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