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5 Best TV shows to binge-watch

Searching for something to binge-watch that will keep you entertained for a little longer than your weekend night? There are plenty of lengthy TV series available on all of the big streaming platforms to keep you entertained for as much as you should be. Every show on this list has aired for more than a season, and the majority have aired for much longer, making them ideal for binge-watching or just a looooong engagement in a good tale.

It has something for everyone here, from superhero movie blockbusters to luxury dramas and charming comedies. Keep reading for a list of the 5 best TV shows.

1. Lucifer

Lucifer is inspired by the comic book of a similar title and depicts the titular Satan as he takes a “vacation” from Hades and establishes him as an elevated club owner in Los Angeles. He becomes involved in the investigation after a buddy is slain at his club and discovers that he enjoys it nearly as much as the prosecutor on the case, Chloe Decker. The series premiered on Fox and was discontinued after an entire season. Following a massive outburst of fan support, Netflix renewed the program for three more series. Lucifer is a lighthearted, breezy piece of television with just enough supernatural elements to keep it from being too procedural. Lucifer’s cunning two siblings, Michael; Lucifer’s best buddy, a demon nicknamed Mazikeen; and the vampire’s psychiatrist, among other characters.

2. The X-files

Although the first season of The X-Files aired over 30 years ago, an alarming number of theories revealed in the program are still significant today. Vaccines that keep track of and categorise people? A virus that wipes out entire populations? Aliens? The X-files is a section of the FBI that investigates supernatural events and incomprehensible crimes, led by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, who play FBI Agents Mulder and Scully, respectively. You must not be living in the 1990s if you watched this show since it was the largest show on the planet.

Over 200 episodes, The X-files has over nine series, two resurrection episodes, and two Hollywood movies for The X-Files. You can watch all of them here on your weekends. If you’re looking for something more than “monsters of every week” and “conspiracies,” Mulder and Scully’s love story is the best, most subtle romance ever told. The name “boat” was coined specifically for them.

3. Russian Doll

Traps the spectator in a painful time loop with Nadia, a girl who died the night of her birthday celebration, only to grow up and start repeating the night’s deaths over and over again. Based on a script she co-wrote with Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, Lyonne proves that the most excellent way to get the role of a lifetime is to write it yourself. Russian Doll is sassy and daring, not to mention gloriously foul-mouthed, and it’s both amusing and poignant, providing an exciting look at the personality cycles we get ourselves into, as well as self-awareness and individuality. Russian Doll is both pretty funny and saddening, providing an excellent insight into the identity loops we capture ourselves in and the trust and self necessary to fracture free. Cheeky and intriguing, not to bring up delightfully foul-mouthed, Russian Doll is funny and heart-breaking.

4. Fleabag

Fleabag was starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the titular girl who experiences the perils of matchmaking in London while avoiding every category stereotype in its first and second rounds, each of which has six half-hour segments. Fleabag is deceptively raw, genuine, and emotional, sometimes shattering the fourth wall and affirming that sure, everything we’re watching is actual and ludicrous. Despite the comedy of her dating misadventures, a darker undertone emerges throughout the very first season, centred on her closest friend’s untimely death. Fleabag gave the zeitgeist Andrew Scott’s Hot Priest in the Second season while putting him on a new recovery path, this time via romance and faith as well as familial and bereavement. Fleabag is among TV’s most excellent, sharpest, and most hilarious programs because of the way it’s presented.

5. Marcella

For greater or ill, Binge-watching has the effect of obliterating one’s attention on the specifics of each show. Marcella isn’t a fantastic show, but it’s a great binge watch due to its tempo and primary mystery, which allows you to get caught up in the tale while overlooking some of its flaws. Anna Friel provides a superb portrayal as a sexual identity swap version of the classic crime narrative main character: bright, tormented, and deteriorating private life due to her dedication to capturing terrible murders. On the other hand, Marcella is susceptible to blackout and aggressive outbursts, which adds to the enigma of what atrocities she may be doing. Few criminal series, on the whole, are just as riveting as Marcella, who leaves you wondering until the very end.


These are certain shows best suited for your weekend night binge-watching. If you’re thinking, “What show should I watch?” These shows mentioned above are compiled by researching the internet. Start enjoying your long weekend night with popcorn and coke.

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