5 best Crypto platforms in the UK that are safe

Are you in search of the best cryptocurrency trading platform in the UK? A lot of people in the UK own this Bitcoin offer. We have reviewed the 5 best cryptocurrency platforms by checking their ways of regulation, variety of cryptocurrency, security, fees, and so on.


  • It has drawn in nearly 23 million users after it was launched in 2007.
  • Like other vendors, it too charges spread fees. But it offers zero trade commission and thus anyone can invest even $10 in one cryptocurrency.
  • The Copy Trading features let an individual select any expert and then allocate some funds. These funds get used for matching their real-time trades.
  • Depending on a certain strategic approach, its cryptocurrency smart portfolios will let you invest in some exclusive portfolio positions.
  • You can choose from among 50 cryptocurrencies and thus you will be falling short of cryptocurrency choice.
  • eToro keeps on adding to its cryptocurrency selection.
  • The smartphone of eToro is very famous in the UK with over 10 million downloads last year.

  • It looks after more than $2.6 billion of cryptocurrency business every day.
  • You will have 250 cryptocurrencies to select from such as main blockchains, minor altcoins apart from DeFi tokens.
  • It uses a taker/maker structure for a fee.
  • It means you will be generally paying 0.4% on trading.
  • With several options, cryptocurrency financing is a huge strength here.
  • Its supercharged staking option is very impressive.
  • It lets users deposit coins for earning rewards and no need to lock it for some specific period.
  • You can use its credit card to spend your cryptocurrency and earn cashback to 8%.
  • After completing some tasks you can earn very rewards as in-house tokens.
  • It offers a free wallet and it will give full control over the private keys and biometric authentication.


  • It stands out due to its outstanding variety of 348 cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • With a credit card, you will be able to instantly purchase 20 different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin with GBP.
  • You can check out P2P trading or start trading cryptocurrency pairs by making use of your account balance.
  • It has impressive joining incentives apart from the trading ones.
  • After signing up you can earn $20, then $40 when within 2 days you deposit $40, and then another $40 when you trade within 2 days.
  • Many other alluring incentive packages will motivate you to start trading for rewards.
  • Complete range of cryptocurrency financing products such as loans and stacking is on offer also, along with margin trading for any confident investor.
  • Users get a free app for their smartphone and a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • It offers multi-signature, along with cold wallet storage and 20,000 Bitcoin security reserved funds.


  • It daily has $2bn trading volume.
  • It almost attracted 73million users.
  • On eToro you can trade stock of Coinbase.
  • It is equally as easy to make use of like eToro.
  • It includes a hassle-free sign-up process and many help for new cryptocurrency investors.
  • It has more than 158 cryptocurrency choices that outmatch that of eToro.
  • It does not have any social trading or specific UK regulation.
  • It has perfect security and is known for it.
  • It first introduced cold storage that is keeping the funds of clients usually offline.
  • It does not have a good reputation related to trading fees.
  • It has flat fees along with commissions that poorly compare to the zero commission of eToro.
  • It offers a free crypto wallet and an app for smartphone users.


  • Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. Hence it is often called the best trading platform for Bitcoin.
  • If trade here you will get a huge rate of commission of only 0.1 % on this digital currency and other trades of cryptocurrency.
  • Daily it conducts cryptocurrency business of £12bn and enjoys some advanced options of trading to match.
  • By owning the in-house cryptocurrency Binance Coin you will receive more reductions on the fees for trading.
  • You can purchase cryptocurrency using GBP with your credit card or by adding funds to the account.
  • You can swap cryptocurrency making use of cryptocurrency wallet.
  • You can make use of P2P trading and start directly dealing with different investors.
  • Cryptocurrency financing is accessible with staking, cryptocurrency saving, and liquidity farming.
  • Similarly like Coinbase it also provides a credit card that you can make use of while spending your cryptocurrency.
  • No such social trading option is available Best delta 8 .
  • However it has excellent help guides.


We recommend thoroughly checking all features and benefits of the cryptocurrency trading platform in UK. Check out the low crypto trade fees, regulation, reputation, etc. become well informed before opting for any.

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