5 Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in the USA

Marijuana enthusiasts are no doubt thrilled about ever-evolving legislation in states across the U.S.

Most states have legalized medical marijuana use, while a growing list has seen the benefits of legalizing rec marijuana. If you live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana, you no doubt feel pretty excited about it.

After all, that means you have access to cannabis whenever you like, right?

No, we didn’t think so! Even if you live in a rec state, there are still lots of impositions that make enjoying marijuana difficult. This is why we recommend you get a medical marijuana card.

Not convinced yet? Then read on to learn the five benefits of having a medical marijuana card in the USA.

1. You Can Buy More at Once

When you have a medical marijuana card, your state permits you to buy more than you are typically allowed to at rec distribution centers.

Both medical and recreational marijuana distributors have limits on how much marijuana you can purchase daily and for specific time frames. These are set by state laws, and so vary by location.

But since medical marijuana cardholders buy marijuana for medicinal purposes, they are able to legally buy more cannabis than those utilizing rec centers. They can also enjoy a more diverse variety, being legally entitled to buy plants, seedlings, and edibles, with higher THC levels.

2. Legal Protection

Having a medical marijuana card promises you specific legal protections you risk by not having one. We’re not just talking about getting pulled over by the cops and trying to explain away pungent odors (though that’s never fun, either!)

What we do mean is that possessing a medical marijuana card means you don’t lose your job if you test positive for marijuana use.

It also provides legal protection from eviction if your landlord catches you using cannabis in your apartment where smoking is not permitted.

In Oklahoma, for example, medical marijuana cardholders can legally have:

  • Three ounces of medical marijuana on their person
  • Eight ounces in their residence
  • Six mature plants, and six seedling plants

There are tons of instances like these, all varying by state.

But remember: a medical marijuana card is not only legal protection. It is also peace of mind.

3. You Pay Lower Prices and Less Tax

Unlike recreational marijuana, the taxes for medical marijuana are often waived. Again, this is due to the fact that medical marijuana is for medical purposes. States find taxing recreational marijuana to be a very prudent advantage.

Recreational marijuana buyers have to deal with higher product prices as well as added tax costs. So having a medical marijuana card is actually a pretty great investment plan.

4. Less Time Buying, More Time Enjoying

Medical marijuana cardholders will be able to pop into their local medical marijuana dispensary, buy what they need, and get on with their day.

In rec states, there can be lines out the door and around the corner of the building. In Illinois, for example, a marijuana shortage occurred, prompting the state to prioritize medical marijuana buyers over rec buyers.

This is an example subsequently followed by other states. If there’s a shortage, and you’re a MMIC holder, you’re in luck.

5. Start Growing With Ease

Most states allow medical marijuana users to grow their own supply. Your medical marijuana dispensary will supply you with seedlings and plants, and you tend to your own cannabis garden.

There are basically no downsides to that kind of freedom! That’s even less time in a dispensary, medical or otherwise, and permission to grow the strands you want on your home turf.


Having your own MMIC card in the USA comes with a lot of benefits. In fact, from our point of view, it has a lot more advantages than disadvantages.

Though it seems logical that America’s cannabis future will be legalized recreational marijuna use from state to state, time is the issue. That may take years. Whereas obtaining your medical marijuana identification card may only take a couple of weeks.

And then you are legally protected, can grow your own supply, pay less money, and have access to a more potent supply more frequently.

‘Nough said, right?

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