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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Ruby Sliders

When it comes to areas of our homes that get the most wear and tear, nothing quite compares to the floors that we use every day. It’s easy enough to not really think about your floors as they serve such a practical purpose day in and day out, however, like any owner of hardwood floors can tell you, there’s a certain level of upkeep. 

There is a certain kind of satisfaction and beauty that comes from having all-natural hardwood floors. They are uniquely beautiful and have a kind of aesthetic that welcomes in an environment of peace and calmness. Hardwood floors aren’t the only kinds of floors that can require a certain amount of upkeep to maintain their beauty. Tile floors and linoleum both need some kind of maintenance as time goes on to make sure they continue to work efficiently and stay beautiful. 

There are a lot of ways that your floors can take on damage over the years. Water leaks, muddy shoes, and even pets can cause unfortunate damage over time. Probably the number one culprit to hard floors being damaged, however, is furniture. For the average homeowner, the main culprit behind their scuffed floor marks is typically the chairs, sofas, and tables that furnish their hardwood rooms.

While there are a lot of ways you can help protect your floors like area rugs, or even small furniture saucers you put under the legs of your couches, chairs, and tables, they can be faulty. As anyone who has lived with hardwood floors can tell you, trying to completely avoid scuff marks is nearly impossible. At some point, no matter what you do you will hear that gut-wrenching sound, and you will know that another scuff mark has appeared.

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But what if there was a fool-proof way to ensure that your furniture never damaged your hardwood floors again? Something more secure and stable than an area rug, and more dependable than a saucer? The good news is that protecting your hard floors from the potential damage to your furniture’s legs is more attainable than you may realize.

The Ultimate Answer For Protecting Your Floors

The Ruby Slider reviews don’t lie, hundreds of satisfied customers agree that ruby sliders are the number one solution to your hard floor problems. 

What is a Ruby Slider? 

A Ruby Slider is an innovative, simple device that is designed to slip over the ends of your furniture legs, and creates a protective barrier between them and your hard floors. These small slips are made from durable, plastic that is designed to stretch and fit snuggly over the end of almost any furniture leg. Not only that, but it’s capped with a premium nano-weave, felt pad that’s secured with industrial strength glue. This means that no matter how many times you move a piece of furniture you won’t have to worry about this cushioned protective barrier falling off or getting damaged. 

Not only that, but the nano-weave felt pad allows for effortless movement of furniture, as it will glide smoothly over any hard surface. This means no more scrapes, no more tears, no more scuff marks. What’s more, is that Ruby Sliders are clear, which means that you can leave them on your furniture and never think about them again. They simply blend into the room and protect your floors without ever being obvious or noticeable. 

Here are some ways to get the most out of your Ruby Slider! 

1. Use Them On Big Furniture

Rearranging the living room should never be something that causes a person to think twice about. This is your home, your space, and your domain. Having the freedom to move your big furniture around the way you want is made possible with Ruby Sliders.

2. Use Ruby Sliders On Bar Stools and Chairs

Ruby sliders aren’t just for large furniture like sofas but can fit on smaller items like kitchen chairs and bar stools. Create a space where people don’t have to worry about damaging your hard floors with Ruby Sliders on all your chairs and stools.

3. Use a Hair Dryer To Get Ruby Slider to Stretch

For pieces with larger leg ends, you can actually use a hairdryer on a low setting to warm up the ruby sliders and increase their elasticity. With a better stretch, they can snuggly fit over most any leg end shape, or size. This means that even the more unique furniture items can get the same kind of protection. 

4. Get The Ultra Pack

You can purchase Ruby Sliders in orders of 16, 32, 48, or 64. The more you get, the more peace of mind you’ll have that you won’t ever get a new piece of furniture you have to risk scraping up your floors. 


Using Ruby Sliders will transform your experience with your furniture and hard floors, giving you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. With these four easy ways to get the most out of your Ruby Sliders, you’ll be wondering how you ever went without! 

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