4 Tips to Maintain Your Vegan Bags

The debate on fashion vs. sustainability is not a new one. During the last decade precisely, there has been a significant emphasis on the need to align lifestyle choices to the ever-expanding needs of nature, and for all the right reasons. As one of the largest contributors to global pollution, the fashion industry today has taken cognisance of this alarming situation and has paved the way for thoughtful, conscious, and clean living by providing harmless alternatives. Sustainable fabrics, recyclable products, and vegan bags are some of the most prominent manifestations of this effort.

Animal-free bags are particularly a hit, with more and more people opting for these functional yet appealing essentials by the day. And if you’re equally keen to join the conscious-purchase bandwagon by buying a vegan bag or already have one, here are some things to bear in mind with regards to its maintenance:

1. Dust It Off

You cannot start to imagine the potential damage dusty layers and uninvited particles can cause to your cruelty-free bags. They not only cause your bag to appear dull and faded but also tamper with its durability. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to start looking after your bags irrespective of the material is to simply use a clean, dry cloth, preferably a soft one, and dust off the invisible layers of dust and dirt. But, you’ll have to be extra careful in the case of a fabric or canvas bags for obvious reasons. You can carefully clean the straps and buckles (if any) to ensure your bag looks as close to the first time you laid your eyes on it!

2. Storage Checks

How you store your bags, especially your sustainable ones, can go a long way in determining how long you’re going to use them. You must be aware that extreme temperature and environmental factors like direct sunlight, dampness, or moisture can cause severe damage to your bags. Therefore, it is recommended that you store them in a clean and airy environment. Also, do not dump the silica pouches that come with most bags, vegan or not, as they are effective agents against moisture. You could also store your bags in a dedicated bag sleeve to ensure top-notch maintenance. And you may or may not get these sleeves or bag pouches along with your bag, but they are certainly worth investing in.

3. Day-to-Day Handling

A food bag enables you to exude a sense of comfort and confidence when you step out, among other things. Hence, it is vital to protect the interest of things that have your best interest always. This means that you must make the effort of handling your bag with care, even on a daily basis. Simple things like checking the surface before placing it, not leaving it hanging with heavy stuff inside it, and just holding it in the way it should be held can help keep its appeal, utility, and lifespan intact.

4. Professional Care When Needed

No product comes loaded with a lifelong warranty, no matter the amount you’ve paid. Damage is, therefore, an inevitable part and can occur even if you’ve done everything to ensure quality care. So, for any unforeseeable reason, if your vegan bags do need repairs, it is best to entrust them in the hands of professionals and reserve your DIY or homemade experiments for other things. In all likelihood, you can find bag repair experts in the store you picked them up from or certainly get a reliable lead through it. So think long-term and avoid temporary, ill-informed, and quick fixes for your precious bags.

With the above-mentioned things in mind, you can be sure of maintaining your sustainable bag for a long time, and that in itself would be pretty nature-friendly!

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