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4 Tips and Tricks for Success with Uber and Lyft

Gig workers are part of a massively growing industry, and more people are joining it every day. The advantages of setting your own hours and increasing how much money you can make are too tempting to ignore.

Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft have a hefty share of the gig work economy. Nearly two million drivers are on the road in the United States and Canada, and Uber has more in other countries around the world.

As long as you’re a reliable, capable driver in a busy city, you’ll get enough business to make a decent living. However, using a few simple tricks can boost how successful you are.

With these four tips, you’ll quickly see your earnings increase.

1. Take a Course

You know how to drive, so why do you need a course to be a rideshare driver?

Technically, you don’t. You can get away with signing up to drive, passing the background and driving test, and starting your new job. Yet, taking the Uber and Lyft courses teaches you how to make more money in your role.

Rather than stumbling through the app yourself and trying to figure out things like surge pricing and record-keeping, the course teaches you all of this. You’ll learn about the tried-and-true methods to get bigger tips, increase return on your investment, and use strategies to maximize your ride time.

2. Get to Know Your Area

Trusting the GPS to take you where you need to go works. It’s not always the most efficient method, though. 

When you know an area like the back of your hand, you don’t need Alexa or Siri guiding you. This saves you the hassle of missing last-second turns or going out of your way because the GPS thinks it’s the “best” route. You know the streets and where the shortcuts are, so you can make better time.

Knowing your area is a wise way to avoid accidents, too. This article by JT Legal Group explains how passengers are protected if they’re in a rideshare collision. It’s your job to keep them safe and to know the part of your insurance in the legal chain.

3. Pack for the Day

The more steady passengers you can pick up, the more money you make. So, plan to be gone for the whole day, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Pack light snacks that give you energy, such as trail mix and granola bars. They don’t need to be heated or refrigerated, and they store well in your glove compartment. 

Bring a cooler with a few bottles of water (avoid soda and sugary drinks, so you don’t end up with a sugar “crash”). Apples, bananas, and other easy-to-eat fruits give you an energy boost when you need it.

If you’re a coffee drinker, make a pot in the morning and keep it in an insulated thermos. It’ll stay warm, and you won’t have to spend money to get your caffeine fix.

4. Consider Your Passengers’ Needs

Putting your passengers first is always a good idea. Experienced rideshare drivers know that the little touches almost always bring bigger tips.

Here are a few strategies that make your riders feel great and don’t require much work from you:

  • Have some light snacks on hand, like energy bars, nuts, or fruit and mini water bottles. Offer your rider a snack and drink if they’ll be with you for more than a few minutes. (Keep in mind common allergies, such as peanut and gluten, as you shop for snacks.)
  • Wait a couple of minutes, then ask them if the temperature is okay. Suggest warming or cooling it to please the passenger.
  • Make a list of radio stations and what type of music they play. Laminate it and hang it on the back of your seat. Give riders the opportunity to choose a music station or to sit in silence for their ride.

You might have to invest ten or twenty dollars a week in snacks and drinks, but you’ll see the return on your investment multiply. A friendly and courteous driver is rarer than it should be. Passengers appreciate the kindness and show it in their tips.


The open road is ready for your new rideshare driving journey. With these tips and your safe driving skills, you’ll be joining the leagues of successful gig workers in no time at all.

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