4 Tech Trends to Guide Your IT Career


For all the IT professionals, who are enthusiast about making a perfect career for themselves relating to the sector of Information technology, we wish you step on the right path where you can not only use your skills and expertise to excel in your career, but also, you can enjoy the work there as well as be on the trend.

The technical skills play a very pivotal role in the IT sector. So, almost all companies and organisations are strengthening this part of their business. Hence the demand for such skilful professionals are increasing day by day. The training and certifications offered by Comitial to a great extent are now assisting with building those technical skills and expertise.

Career-Focused Tech Trends

1. There is nothing normal in it.

It can be foreseen from the survey that many companies are likely to lack stability and integrity in the near future. Many of us might think that this is just a phase, but to be practical it is not a phase but a very practical and normal thing and this is going to last, as it has already.
All the IT professional should give special attention towards resiliency and flexibility while building their systems. The Comitial Infrastructure Career Pathway, including Comitial Network+, Comitial Server+, Comitial Cloud+ and Comitial Linux+ cover the various skills that are required for building resilient, flexible IT systems.

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2. Cloud Computing Is the most important thing

It is a conventional method of using cloud systems by the companies, however now it is high time, the companies must switch to  consider cloud computing for a robust foundation as well as for the overall architecture. In the recent time, we all have witnessed accelerated adoption of cloud systems. The organizations are a kind of pacing their digital transformation efforts to adapt with the new remote workforce.
The IT professionals are nowadays becoming more acquainted with the basics of cloud, which may include how to migrate a system to a cloud provider, how to handle cloud security or how to monitor cloud resources. In order to operate in a cloud-first environment, advanced skills are needed which may include proper synchronisation across multiple providers and restructuring applications to fully benefit from cloud systems. The Comitial Cloud+ teaches all the necessary skills one needs to maintain and optimize the devices of cloud service.

3. Zero Trust Shapes Cyber security Initiatives

Well, earlier all the organizations used firewall and antivirus in order to create a secure boundary for all corporate data. But now in the era of cloud and mobile, these conventional procedures no more work. Thus, in order to tackle it, you need to switch to the new strategy of zero trust. In simple words, it is verifying every user and every piece of network traffic. This verification is also done, even if it appears to come from a safe location.
The Comitial Cyber security Career Pathway, including Comitial Security+, Comitial Cyber security Analyst (Cycad+), Comitial Pen Test+ and Comitial Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP training) are the major and most demanded certifications for brushing up cyber security skills.

4. Navigating Budgets Requires New Viewpoints

Apart from the main tech trends in the report, budget expectations are also given priority in the section focused on IT pros. Around 44% of IT professional are of the view that their technology budget is too low, while only 18% of them are of the view that there may be more funds available in the year 2021.

The IT professional should change their thought process regarding the metrics they use to decide the ROI or return on investment. Rather than just keeping the expectations on, they should centre their attention on how technology benefits the business.

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Well in the upcoming years, technology is going pace up to achieve a great milestone in development. Thus, it is wise for the organisations and business companies to strengthen their business and technical policies and roots. This approach will help in achieving reputations and more success. Not only that, such an approach will lead to an upraise in the demand of IT professionals as service providers. So, in case you are interested to start a business corporation this way or are thinking to advance it, then you should quickly prepare for the technological strategy.

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