4 Reasons Salesforce Custom Apps are Worth Your Consideration

You can easily obtain the functionalities that your salesforce solution lack from the app ready-made and available on AppExchange. AppExchange is kind of like a marketplace with around 3500 applications. If your needs are advanced and can’t be fulfilled with these apps, you can also resort to app development services of salesforce. 

In today’s article we are going to talk about the convenience that AppExchange brings to you, and also the benefits of custom app development with salesforce. But before you start reading this article, why don’t you take a short trip and go through these short reads about must-haves of application strategy, and banks and fintech

What’s Salesforce?

For those hearing about salesforce for the first time, or not fully aware of it, it is an American customer relationship management software. It is cloud-based and is mostly used to help with sales, commerce, marketing, analytics and collaboration. 

With salesforce you can connect with you partners, clients, and potential customer better than ever. You can even personalize your outreach efforts to match with the situation benefitting from the automation services of salesforce.

4 Benefits of the Custom Apps of Salesforce

The following are the four main benefits and reasons why you should consider the custom apps of Salesforce.

Less Costly

Developing app on the salesforce will probably cost a lot less than buying a ready-made app on AppExchange. That’s because you’ll have to pay the subscription fee every month, the total sum of which depends on the total number of users. While in the case of app development, you’ll only have to pay once for the app development, testing and deployment. 

The final sum of fee won’t change with the number of users. So, before you make your final decision, compare the subscription fee with that of the app development and testing fee. 

Complete Coverage of Specific Business Processes

If you are not sure that the ready-made app will cover all of your business peculiarities than it is always better to go for custom apps. You can make so that the salesforce solution covers all of your complicated and unique processes. The apps found on AppExchange can add the function of allowing the customers to sigs and send contracts from their inbox. 


Sometimes you need a custom app for the purpose of integrating your salesforce solution to another platform for performing specific functions. But that’s not the case with AppExchange. It already has some integration apps so that you can connect the famous third party systems to your salesforce solution. 

Customizing the App Further

The decision of developing a custom app gives you freedom to tailor or expand the functionalities of your app in the future. The need to do so may arise if the number of your users increase or a sudden change in our business process occurs. But for the ready-made app fund on AppExchange, you can’t be sure that the developer will allow you do that. 

Final Words

If your goal is a custom app that is cost-effective and covers all of your needs than building it through the salesforce will be your best bet. To make your investment a success, keep the complexities of your business needs, your budget and integration in mind.

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