4 Different Types of Face Masks You Can Use

Different face masks can offer varying degrees of protection. Therefore, it is essential to find a face mask that fits you the best. And when selecting a face mask for yourself, you should consider several factors like need or objective, place of use and medical condition. You can choose from a range of masks only after gaining clarity on these factors. Accordingly, you can order a P2 face mask online or an N95. And here are some types you can choose from:

1. KN95

A KN95 face mask is a type of respirator used as personal protection equipment similar to an N95 respirator (PPE). Meanwhile, when it comes to size, it’s one size fits all in KN95, which may be utilised similarly to N95. Also, the most crucial thing to remember is that KN95 occasionally has fit concerns; therefore, you should ensure it is snug and perform a user seal check before usage. This mask is made to wrap snugly around the face to offer 95% protection against tiny particles because of its capacity to produce an airtight seal.

2. Surgical Mask

A surgical face mask, often known as a “procedure” mask, is a disposable surgical mask that has received regulatory approval. These masks are available in various thicknesses and can shield healthcare personnel from splashes. And in hospital settings, surgical masks are frequently utilised for all patient care. Also, a surgical mask should be simple to bear because it is not as snug or fitting as N95. They are typically rectangular in design and are the kind people are used to seeing on TV surgeons. In addition, healthcare personnel who offer direct patient care will often use surgical masks.

3. 1 Ply Cotton Mask

The thickness or number of layers that make up a mask is called its “ply.” And as the name implies, a 1 Ply face mask has just one layer of protection. These can be made at home, sold in stores, or both, and these masks are fastened with strings strung behind your head or loops over your ears. Meanwhile, the only masks that can be washed are cloth ones, and therefore, they’re perfect for the general population. Others need to be thrown away after usage.

4. P2 Face Mask

A P2 face mask could be a preferable option for those more likely to get unwell with COVID-19. And if you buy a P2 face mask online, remember to conform it to your face according to the manufacturer’s directions. When used in hazardous interior environments with no or little ventilation, these face masks can provide hours of protection. However, they must have an extremely tight seal around the face to offer more protection than a snugly fitted surgical mask. And in actual use, it is identical to an N95 mask and has no difference in the degree of protection provided to the user.

A good face wrap must be created between the wearer’s face and the respirator’s facepiece for the device to offer its intended protection. In addition, perform a ” seal check” or “fit check” every time a respirator is put on as this is one method to ensure its performance. Finally, it’s crucial to take good care of your face mask. As such, fabric face masks should be thoroughly dried after each use and cleaned daily with soap and hot water. And you should have enough face masks to wash and wear at least one.

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