4 Best Tablets for PS2 Games

Some of our best memories included the PlayStation 2. Let’s face it: No matter how much technology improves, it’s hard to beat those original games.

Still, the convenience of using hand-held systems like a tablet makes it worth the upgrade. But what if you could combine both worlds and play your PS2 on your tablet?

You’d get a high-tech device’s incredibly advanced quality graphics mixed with your favorite PS2 games.

It’s not magic; it simply takes a special type of tablet strong enough to house an emulator (Damon PS2, FPse, Play!, or PPSSPP are suggested) and the ISO file of each game.

With the four tablets on this list, you can’t go wrong. Get yours today, and you’ll be transported back in time when you press “play.”

1. Apple iPad Pro 11

The Apple iPad Pro 11 is the 2nd generation of its kind, giving users a massive 11-inch HDR display. Because the pixel resolution is 1168 x 2388, the graphics are hard to beat.

On top of this incredible feature, the tablet has up to 1TB of RAM, essential for fast loading. The A12 Bionic Chip mimics the power of the iPhone, as well.

While you’re playing, you’ll enjoy the music and sounds you used to love coming through the dynamic speaker system. 

Combining the mighty graphics with surround-sound-style music will propel you straight back to your first encounter with a PS2. This time, though, you won’t have the lags to deal with. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Looking for something a little less of an Apple price and more budget-friendly? The Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet is the next best choice.

The AMOLED display screen is 10.5 inches, slightly smaller than the iPad 11 but giving you plenty of playing room. With the AMOLED screen, you get a power-packed device with amazingly true colors. 

It’s lightweight, fitting easily in a small purse or backpack. For device storage, choose between 64 and 128 GB. Both options will work well for playing PS2 games, although if you can afford the extra cost, the 128GB is always better. 

Your S5e tablet processor will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, an ideal component for running emulators. Graphics, sound, and performance are comparable to the iPad 11, while the price tag is significantly lower.

3. Fire HD-10 Tablet

Apple and Samsung once cornered the market on devices, but Amazon’s Fire tablet is in the running now. The low cost and higher-than-average performance make the Fire a go-to tablet for gamers on a budget.

Running an emulator on this tablet gives you 10.1 inches of playing space on an IPS display. The screen resolution is good enough for accurate colors at 1024 x 600. 

For under $200, you’re not going to get Apple-quality graphics. However, the lightweight device provides enough storage space at 64GB (expanded to 512GB with an SD card) to play your favorite games.

A MediaTek Helio P60T 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor ensures solid performance as you play your game. The Fire tablet brings back old-school prices and games straight to your doorstep.

4. Apple iPad 8th Gen

If you’re determined to stick with Apple products, yet your bank account won’t let you go for the gusto with the Pro 11, try the 8th Generation iPad. The cost is about half of the Pro, and the features are still the top-quality you expect from Apple.

While the color on the 10.2-inch retina display isn’t as outstanding as its newer counterpart, it is more than sufficient for playing PS2 games. 

The 8th Generation iPad is a bit heavier than the Samsung and Fire tablets at 1.08 pounds, possibly because of the 128GB of storage you get and the other components. With that much storage, you’ll be able to install your emulator and multiple apps.

There is an Apple A12 Bionic chipset and 3GB of RAM to help you do all your tasks at once or play games with heavy features. The performance of an Apple product, your emulator, and your favorite PS2 game means hours of flashback fun.


Forget scouring antique and thrift stores hoping to find a PS2 in working condition. Finding one is hard enough, but once you do, you’ll still have the lags and bugs of the original system. 

Instead, get yourself an emulator compatible with one of these four tablets. You’ll be playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy just like you did twenty years ago (but better).

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