3D Modeling & Visualization – Everything You Need to Know

The use of 3D models in the presentation of services and products in online stores has allowed us to bring a lot of industries to a new level. Potential customers are provided with realistic, highly detailed product images and even virtual renders before even paying a dime for the target service. Virtual projects created with the help of special programs make it possible to demonstrate the appearance of an object from different sides, its form, structural features, etc. 

Thus, buyers have the most accurate idea of what they are going to pay for and will not waste time studying its characteristics in more detail. Three-dimensional images and virtual renders are used not only in the field of ecommerce, and interior design development is one of them. Keep reading this post to know what else 3D models and virtual staging solutions can do.

What Areas Is 3D Visualization Used in?

The use of three-dimensional and virtual projects when uploading products to the site provides potential buyers with the opportunity to view the desired product from all the sides. But this is far from the only area where 3D images are used. Realistic, highly detailed images with high-resolution textures allow you to get many advantages when using them in a wide variety of projects.

So, here is where 3D modeling is used:

  • When visualizing interiors and exteriors – The use of 3D modeling in this area allows you to create the most realistic presentation of projects. This helps to avoid misunderstandings with customers. When visualizing projects, all the nuances and features associated with the design of interiors and exteriors can be clarified even before the start of work. Thus, you can avoid mistakes with the selection of finishing materials, furniture, and even accessories at the stage of creating a visual project. This will save not only the precious time of the customer and the contractor but also the money that would have to be spent on fixing the nuances in accordance with the wishes of a customer;
  • When working on the interior design for your apartment – In order to imagine how the interior of the room will look even before the repair, you can use programs for 3D design of the apartment design. This way you can recreate the image of the external appearance of the space and plan what materials will be used, how to arrange furniture and accessories;
  • When selling apartments and houses being under construction – Developers and owners of building companies can answer why virtual staging solutions are needed and where they can be used. Three-dimensional computer images allow you to add realism to the project. Thus, you customers can see apartments from the inside as if they were built and repair works were finished. Virtual staging tools increase sales significantly and serve as an effective communication tool between developers and potential customers;
  • When creating commercials – 3D modeling is widely used in this area, as three-dimensional images help to attract the attention of consumers. No matter if you are a designer working on interior renders or a developer selling apartments in newly built houses, virtual staging solutions will come in handy for you.

The use of three-dimensional images in certain areas is also determined by the type of the 3D model itself. Thus, high-poly 3D renders are the most accurate copies of the original object. As a rule, they are used when scaling the object being modeled is planned. If this is not necessary, you can safely use virtual renders with an average number of polygons or low polygonal modeling. The reproduction of exact copies of an object is a complex process that requires a powerful computer, dedicated program, and experience. But it is far from being a rocket science, and you will get way more than what you will invest in terms of money and time.

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