3 Unbeatable Features Of The Best Hiking Tents For Summer

Summer is almost here, and with it comes some adventures in the great outdoors. Already people are loading up the caravans and boots with summer holiday supplies, one of the most interesting conundrums befalling a lot of people is the issue of finding the best hiking tents that will serve them well throughout. 

We’ve come a long way as a society from the days of poorly made and poorly looked after portable domiciles, and thankfully as more innovative creators started creating and crafting their own variations of the best hiking tents, there is now more choice than ever. 

With this array of fresh and fanciful choices, comes yet another issue – deciding which of the best hiking tents will be the one that suits you the most. Some of the best hiking tents we have seen so far have been exorbitantly expensive and have features that will only appeal to a select few percentages of the population. 

So, in the interest of keeping everyone happy and healthy in the upcoming summer months – we’ve devised this little list of 3 features that EVERYONE should have in the best hiking tents for the summer. 



The most important factor and attribute present in the best hiking tents is of course, portability. This notion will come into prominence for those who enjoy going on long ventures through the wilderness in Summer. As there is only a limited amount of space and weight one person can carry, the idea of being able to be as portable as possible is a feature present in a majority of outdoor-based accessories and purchases. 

The best hiking tents are durable and lightweight by design and material, this may end up costing a little extra for assurance, but when you see some of the best hiking tents on the market at the moment, you’ll notice that many of them weigh next to nothing and have an impressively strong build and structure. 


Ease Of Setup/Breakdown

While time is a factor in this argument, this point is referring to the best hiking tents and the relative ease of the setting up process. This could be present in the supplies that are needed to set them up in the first place (less pegs etc.), there are some examples that uses trekking poles in lieu of separate dedicated ones which is advantageous for weight purposes and conveniences. 

The last thing anyone wants is a complex and unnecessarily time-consuming process to get in the way of a good trek. 

Weather Resistance Considerations

This is more geographic and seasonally based, but important nonetheless for those looking for the best hiking tents for the upcoming seasons. The weather resistance of a portable domicile is entirely dependent on the manufacturer and intended purpose, some are designed for snow and cooler climates, while others are more focused on pest deflection and warmer climates. Choosing the best hiking tents for your intended destination will be a matter of researching the area and knowing what focus you should have. 

For instance, in the summer months in the middle of the bush, the main focus will likely be on pest control and keeping the temperature insulated in the cold evenings. If there is a proneness to rain in the region, ensuring you have at least a thick material build, or even a double skin could save you headaches. 

Those were 3 of the more important underlying considerations and features you should keep in your mind when shopping for your new addition. The adage you get what you pay for is alive and well with camping equipment, so ensure you spend the right amount. 

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