3 Trends in App Development We Will See in 2021

Every second business or organization keeps a close eye on new trends in mobile app development. This happens because they tend to get into your area of  attention and settle in the smartphones of their audience. Nothing will change in 2021, so we can see a ton of new trends emerge to make life easier for users. Here we talk about three of them, and you can find more trends on

Internet of Things (IoT)

If you thought that ubiquitous smart devices were a distant future, then know that in the US and Europe, things like automated houses have long been commonplace. Clever technology will even help you find an escaped pet! It works very simply: smart devices are paired with a mobile application and controlled from a phone or remote control from anywhere in the world. In the modern world, the number of followers of the “smart devices” faith is growing, so the trend continues to be relevant.

The Internet of Things is increasingly being integrated into our lives. It can be used to track needs and optimize the performance of systems and machines across industries in real time. If there is something to automate in the field, IoT will definitely appear there. For example, now, thanks to the IoT, you can track packages.

Artificial intelligence and Chat bots

Chatbots are changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Previously, companies used mobile phone calls to communicate with their customers (which was time consuming). However, today is the era of chatbots. This innovation is easier and faster to respond to customer requests. This technology is widespread in an application that includes services such as online shopping, transportation, food delivery, and more. Chatbots are a human way of communicating that helps companies meet user expectations. You’ve probably heard about the popular chatbots: – Siri – Alexa – Google Assistant

Face unlock, voice search, chatbots, etc. Many people have probably already come across examples of Artificial Intelligence. AI, along with machine learning, is widely used in mobile devices and applications. The use of AI has taken to the next level with photo filtering apps like Prisma, Face App, and more. In 2021, smartphones will find their place for great AI trends: voice translation, custom predictions, AI-powered cameras. This will undoubtedly have a great impact on our lives.

Blockchain for cybersecurity 

For several years, Bitcoin and other blockchain-related topics have been at the top of tech blogs and reports. Many large companies and organizations are already actively using blockchain as a security tool. This technology allows you to create a decentralized database, which means that information will be stored in different places, which will complicate the task for hackers.

The use of blockchain is most relevant for web services of financial and medical organizations, where the value of data is very high. However, the reliability of information storage must be kept in mind when developing any application. Keep an eye on the best practices and make sure that the development team building your application is security-savvy and skilled enough.

The advantages of blockchain are in decentralization, ensuring data integrity and transparency of transactions. However, the development and implementation of a blockchain-based platform requires a team of experienced professionals, appropriate software and system hardware. Only large companies can afford this, so traditional means of protection are still an indispensable component of the information security infrastructure.

2021 is not the limit The pandemic will not end overnight, and the changes it brought about will remain with us for a long time. This also applies to the mobile market – 2021 will organically adopt all the trends from 2020. Check to make sure. It is important to understand them and apply them in your products, as well as provide users with what meets their requests and needs.

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