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3 Strategies for Successful Business Blogs

Clarify your target and write what they are looking for:  Whether it’s a blog article or an e-commerce site, make sure you have a clear target for each piece of content. For example, the Buzz Department provides web marketing consulting, creating content one by one, targeting those who are doing marketing-related work, company managers, and managers.

On the contrary, you can see that no matter how great a recipe you write, you won’t get a lot of customers who can ask us for consulting. Always write the content that your potential customers are looking for. SEO keyword research is the surest way to create the content your target audience is looking for.

Use a story:  Comparing the monotonous sentences with the sentences that make you feel the story in the background, the latter is overwhelmingly easier to read because it has a powerful effect of eliciting empathy from the reader. For example, the article ” Five Iron Rules for Creating a Hit Web Service ” is written with an episode when you developed a Chat-work web service.

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And since I wrote this article, the number of Chat-work users around me has increased significantly. That’s because seeing the development story of a service called Chat-work created sympathy. Please refer to ” Learn from Pixar! 22 rules of story writing that fascinates people “for story writing techniques. 

Do not write anything other than the main subject: For example, imagine the article “21 ways to increase your landing page conversion rate by 5” and click on the URL. Of course, you’re looking for a way to increase your conversion rate and want to read the content of the article. Nevertheless, what if the first half of the article started including a diary, self-introduction that I didn’t care about? If you visit this site you can Buy Instagram followers at cheap rate.

 I’m sure you’ll think, “I don’t care about that, so let me know the main subject as soon as possible.” Then, the person who visits the website moves to another site without reading the contents. You may be surprised, but there are so many sites that make such mistakes. Don’t say anything extra in your article; provide the content your visitors are looking for.

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