3 Reasons Why Your Windows Need Your Attention Today

Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their windows. As long as the glass is clean and there isn’t condensation, there isn’t much to look at. However, glass care involves so much more than attacking dirty windows with a microfiber cloth. Without realizing it, your sliders or panes could be damaged. Here are three reasons to carefully inspect your windows today.

Old windows let moisture in.

Moisture is the ultimate enemy of homeowners. Drips can warp floors and stain carpets while condensation can create mold and mildew. A few drops can create major problems in the long run, especially for your glass panes and window frames.

All Weather Seal of West Michigan specializes in helping homeowners identify problems with their windows. They can identify signs of moisture creeping in and window leaks that are eating away at your walls. They can also look for debris and other unwanted bits inside of the window.

If your windows are letting in moisture, you can take steps to improve them. You can reseal the windows to block out the rain and wind during peak seasons. You can also invest in higher-quality panes to block water. You can win the war against moisture if you are proactive with your window care.

Poor weather seals drive up air conditioning costs.

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than turning on your air conditioning and escaping the heat and humidity. However, if you don’t properly care for your windows, you could be losing money on unexpected AC costs. Your window panes have weather stripping that prevents heat from entering or escaping during different seasons. In the summer, these seals keep heat out. In the winter, they keep heat in. However, without the right care, you could easily let heat through.

Even a small hole can drive up your heating and air conditioning costs. If you haven’t had your windows inspected recently, call a professional to offer suggestions for replacements. Not only can they improve the weather seal, but they might be able to recommend specific panes to block the sun from warming your house during the hottest months of the year.

Dirty windows distract from your curb appeal.

A pane of glass might seem like it’s clear, but there could be residue and streaks preventing your windows from shining their best. Grimy windows can ruin your curb appeal. They can make your whole house seem old and dingy. This can be a costly problem if you want to sell your home in the future (or at least show it off to people in the neighborhood).

Clean windows also create positive experiences for homeowners. You can enjoy a clear blue sky and wave to your neighbors that walk by. Many people like to set up a garden window with the view of their flowers—and a view of the squirrels and birds for their pets to watch. Even on a cloudy day, the view from your window can make you smile and create a sense of calm.

Fortunately, dirty window panes are easy to fix. You can do wonders with a spray bottle of vinegar and a squeegee. Even a microfiber cloth or roll of paper towels can make a big difference. Set aside time to clean your windows weekly and let the light shine in.

Clean windows can make your whole home feel clean, but secure windows will keep you safe and help you save money. If you haven’t had your windows inspected recently, schedule a quality check for your home. Just because you have streak-free windows doesn’t mean you don’t need to improve your weather stripping and other protective elements.

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