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3 Compelling Reasons Property Styling Is a Must for Your Property

Selling a home is difficult. In a competitive market, it is nonnegotiable to do everything you can to present your home in the best possible light.

Getting the best agent, having compelling photography, and hiring property styling in Sydney to present your property in the best light are critical ingredients to achieving the ultimate goal, which is maximising the value of your most prized asset.

What is the cost of property styling in Sydney?

The cost of home styling in Sydney will typically include an initial consultation fee ranging between $150-$500. But the actual styling can cost as much as $8000 for a property with four bedrooms.

1. Maximise the value of the property

The power of property styling should never be underestimated. Presenting your home in its best light is one of the most effective ways to compel a buyer into viewing your property in the first place and then committing to an offer.

The style in which your property is presented will have an impact on the emotions of the buyer. Property styling in Sydney can make this happen. It is critical that your stylist has extensive experience in the market and an understanding of real estate requirements. They must consider the most suitable furniture as well as the correct placement. They must also factor in the perfect artwork and accessories to showcase your home perfectly, convincing buyers of its potential.

When you are selling your home in Sydney, there are a few things you need to prepare. You must prepare documents even before the sale of your home. Prepare title documents, as well as current zoning certificates and the drainage diagram. If your home has a pool, prepare the swimming pool certificate as well as any property exclusions.

2. Encourage the maximum number of buyers to view your property

Many believe that the perfect agent with the ideal property is enough to get buyers to your home when it is time to sell. The fact is there is only one critical thing that is going to compel them to come to your door: your online photos.

Thus, you must judge if your property stands out from the competition. Is it inviting enough to encourage buyers? An experienced stylist can do something unique for your space. Although you may feel comfortable in your oversized brown couch, when it comes to seeing the space in the best light, an on-trend neutral tone sofa may be best. Artworks, furniture, and other accessories add texture and wow appeal to get buyers interested.

3. Keep your listing fresh and current.

Styling a home at the beginning of the sale is the optimal way to ensure a successful sale. A property that sits too long on the market might result in a lower selling price and a reduction of genuine buyers. Your buyers know how long a property is on the market and remember how it was first styled.

You must realise the importance of setting up your property. Set the right impression right at the beginning of your sale campaign.

When you sell your property in Sydney, you are not required to pay capital gains tax if you are selling the home you live in. But, a second property such as a holiday sell your house to an investor is subjected to capital gains tax.

When you are selling your home in Sydney, you want to get the best value for it. Additionally, when your home sells for a fair price, it makes you proud as a homeowner. It is crucial to hire a property stylist who can apply the best strategy in presenting your most prized asset in the best possible light to reach all your goals when selling.

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