3 characteristics in a great online French tutor to help YOU!

Finding the right tutor to teach you a foreign language takes some digging. Not every teacher has the skill set, enthusiasm, or techniques to guide you towards your goals of linguistic mastery. Depending on your age, learning style, and the teacher’s methods of instruction, your ability to learn a new language will either be nurtured or neglected. In this article, we help you narrow down the best qualities to look for in tutors so that you get the best language coaching. Here are three characteristics to seek out in online tutors!

1. The Promise of Effective Learning

The first thing to look for in a foreign language instructor is their process of effective learning. In other words, what is the framework of their classes, and are the lessons engaging enough to make learning enjoyable? Next, consider the methods that this tutor uses to teach different aspects of language. For example, do they teach through games or lectures? Finally, do you find it challenging to retain material, or are you easily engaged and able to maintain your attention span given the enjoyment of how classes are conducted? Read here and consider these questions as you work with different tutors to decide which tutor offers the best learning experience.

2. Communicating with your french tutor

The next thing you want to consider is teacher-student communication. If you are taking online language classes, you’ll want to ensure that the language learning platforms are easy-to-use and offer a constructive process for communicating with your french tutor during classes. If you need to contact your french tutor outside of the classroom, you should also have a way to stay in contact to address any of your questions and concerns proactively. Look for a french tutor who knows how to make the most of an online platform so that students can access, utilize, and communicate on it successfully. If you find that it is difficult to stay in touch with your french tutor or that classroom instruction is disrupted due to technical difficulties, these may be signs that you should consider other tutors.

2. Tutor Characteristics and Qualities

Last but not least, consider the characteristics and qualities that your tutor brings to the French language learning experience. Do you find it challenging to stay engaged due to monotone instruction or a lack of teaching variety? Is your teacher interactive, and do they initiate active participation from the class? These dynamic approaches are critical to modern learning, as many students learn best under team-based, interactively-led instruction. Your teacher must showcase an active teaching style that is reflective of the current times. Your learning depends heavily on their ability to do this.

To find the right tutor, make sure that the classroom framework, the teacher-student communication, and the teaching style are each modernized and made practical for your learning. Without these fundamentals in place, learning a new language will be much more challenging and less relevant to your learning style. Do your part to ensure the success of your learning by finding the right tutor!

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