3 best neighborhoods for a good school system and kid-friendliness when looking for houses for sale in Round Rock, TX!

As parents, you want your move to be as stress-free as possible for your kids. Fortunately, you’ve set your eyes on Austin, one of the most family-friendly cities in America. As a family, you’re looking for a home outside the city, in a kid-friendly area, with a sound school system. This article discusses these critical factors and how abundantly they exist in Round Rock, TX, the oasis for your family.

Round Rock’s Top Schools

Cactus Ranch Elementary, Walsh Middle School, and Round Rock High School are three of the best-ranked schools in Round Rock, and they are also part of the state’s Round Rock Independent School District (ISD). Neighborhoods within the district include Brushy Creek, Behrens Ranch, and Sendero Springs. There is overlap for attendance at these schools. If you relocate to another Round Rock neighborhood, you may likely still fall within the ISD.

Top Neighborhoods: homes for sale in Round Rock, TX

There are many different homes for sale in Round Rock TX. As of Spring 2021, the average cost for 3–5-bedroom homes for sale in Round Rock TX was $300-$800k in the Behrens Ranch, Cat Hollow, and Brushy Creek neighborhoods. For homes for sale in Round Rock TX below $300k, you’ll find gems in Brushy Creek, Cat Hollow, Eagle Ridge, Forest Creek, and Madsen Ranch. Click here to start your search today. The prices of other homes for sale in Round Rock TX vary, depending on conveniences. The Round Rock Independent School District has the highest ranking possible for a school district in Texas and Austin, specifically. The Round Rock ISD comprises 35 preliminary, 11 secondaries, and 7 high schools and these reside across the greater Round Rock area, including within the three top neighborhoods with homes for sale in Round Rock, TX.

Three Top Neighborhoods

Brushy Creek: Brushy Creek is a suburbia of approximately 18,399 residents. You will find a plethora of parks and coffee shops in the area, many of which are locally owned. Most residents own their homes and are family-oriented. Many different outdoor activities are conducted across the natural scenery for recreational purposes. You can find many trails and natural springs to explore.

Behrens Ranch: At the center of Wyoming Springs Drive and Sam Bass Road, Behrens Ranch is a 500-acre, developed community within Round Rock. The area offers pools, trails, and clubhouses. The community is within the ISD and includes Cactus Ranch Elementary, Walsh Middle School, and Round Rock High School. 95% of residents own their homes.

Sendero Springs: Sendero Springs is another planned community in Round Rock’s western region. Locals can obtain membership at Brushy Creek Community Center. Some pools and trails border the greenbelt. The region is close to shopping and ISD schools. Students in this zoned neighborhood attend Cactus Ranch Elementary, Walsh Middle school, and Round Rock High.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right home is a joyride in Round Rock. Well-equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable and enriching family life, you’ll find all you need in this beloved, Austin-adjacent community.

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