3 advantages of wearing designer sandals vs. discount store sandals

What you wear on your feet is extremely important. Not only does footwear completely enhance or detract from your outfit, but it can lead to foot issues, ankle problems, knee issues, and joint pain if you do not wear supportive footwear. Although flip flops and sandals are a must-have during the hot summer months, you often find people wearing discount and boring flip flops that detract from the style of their outfits.

To avoid having a fashion faux-pas while walking around at the beach, consider purchasing high-end, long-lasting, and designer sandals that enhance the look of your clothes. In addition, purchasing high-end options will last longer, meaning you will actually end up spending less money on your footwear throughout the years when compared to cheap and easily breakable sandals from the local discount store.

Let’s see the other benefits of using designer sandals instead of buying inexpensive, flimsy, and low-quality discount store sandals.

Great designer sandal brands


Gucci slides has numerous designer sandals to choose from, such as the sandal with mini Double G, sandal with Double G, and sandal with Horsebit. The sandal with Double G uses black perforated leather, a rubber sole, and velcro strap closure for added functionality.

Row Ginza Flip Flops

The Row Ginza model has been made by the famous Olsen twins and has taken the world by storm in recent months. With these shoes being all over social media sites, we can see why, with the fashionable and comfortable design, low-key construction, and chic vibe.

Emme Parsons

If you like the 1990’s-style, consider looking at Emme Parsons options to find thin and delicate choices that work well for dressing up any type of outfit. With a focus on minimalist features and low profiles, Emme Parsons sandals are a great choice for any occasion.

Buying designer sandals

Although designer sandals may seem like a hefty expense that you don’t need, high-end footwear is needed to help keep your feet and ankles healthy. Especially during the summer months when you do a lot of walking down the boardwalk, on trails, around your neighborhood, and around your house, you need to choose sandals that will support your feet and boost the aesthetic of your outfit.

Boost your style

Unlike flip flops and cheap sandals that can make you look sloppy, designer sandals make you feel like you are wearing a stand-out outfit among the crowd. When looking around at everyone else walking along the beach, you will feel like you have dressed up a little bit, improving the quality, style, and aesthetic of your outfit without having to wear flashy or showy clothing.

Long-lasting and durable

The second benefit of buying designer sandals and purchasing high-quality footwear over discount store sandals is the long-lasting nature of these sandals. When buying designer sandals, this footwear is sure to last much longer than cheap and flimsy flip flops or sandals from the corner store. Although it may cost more upfront, you will save more money throughout the years since you will not have to replace these sandals as often as you would with foam flip flops.

Designer name

Instead of expensive handbags, watches, and jewelry items, designer sandals are less expensive compared to the alternatives. This way, you can still have a designer item without spending a fortune.


As you can see, dressing up your outfit with designer sandals is a great way to boost your style without breaking the bank. Consider purchasing Gucci slides to avoid spending more money in the long run and improve your outfit aesthetic with minimal spending. Make sure you choose high-end options to avoid detracting from your outfit.

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