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2 Best way to Facebook video download iPhone quickly

Are you using an iPhone and want to download Facebook videos? Every day, many users surf Facebook to see the latest videos from around the world. It could be fitness videos, cooking videos or life tips.

However, there are many users who are not happy about using Facebook because they cannot download videos but can only download photos on Facebook. That makes many people prefer other social networking platforms like TikTok or Twitter.

Facebook does it because it can’t prevent video duplication and the social network’s monetization of adding ads to videos. So if you want to download any video that you find interesting and you want to share it with others.

You have 2 choices for Facebook video download. First, you can download Facebook videos on iPhone through apps or online downloaders. Another way to download videos is through Jailbreak to download Facebook videos without using third-party tools.

Facebook video download iPhone steps with online Facebook video downloader is the ideal tool to Facebook video download. You will not have to pay any fees or limit the number of downloads when using this method to download videos.

SnapSave supports downloading Facebook videos with all quality options from 144p to 4K for users to have a variety of choices. In addition to helping you download regular Facebook videos, this tool also helps you to download private Facebook videos easily and quickly without any hindrance.

How to use this tool is very simple because you just need to open Facebook and copy the link of the video you need to download. Then, open an Internet browser and go to to paste the link in the box provided and select download.

You can then choose one of the provided video options to download the video to your device. However you should note that the quality of video you want to download screams upon the quality of the original video on Facebook. Besides, amniotic with high quality video, Facebook does not allow downloading of audio files, so we will have to download each file separately, then merge the video and audio. Therefore, you will have to wait for some time to render. For private group videos, non-public videos, are a bit more complicated, and can only be downloaded on computers, details at:

How to Facebook video download on iPhone with Jailbreak?

In addition to the above option we have shown you, there is another method that iPhone users can use is Jailbreak. This method is quite useful because you don’t have to install any further apps or tools to download Facebook videos. Here we are referring to Prenesi, which is a tool included in BigBoss. It’s completely free and integrated in Facebook.

Once you install the tweak with no configuration options, you won’t find any icon about it. The tool will then give you a new option that shows up in the app called Download this video. By clicking this option, the video you need will be downloaded immediately. From there, you can share the video with different messaging apps, or save the video in your device to play whenever you want.


We showed you ways to download Facebook video on your iPhone. Let us know if you are using another method. If you found this article useful then share it with your friends. Thanks very much.

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