15 All-Natural Diuretic Foods

The following are all natural diuretic foods. A diuretic helps to stimulate the kidney as well as sarms versus steroids encourages kidney function and increases the production of urine. For the most part, all fruits and vegetables could be considered diuretic; however, the following foods are specifically known for this effect.

People with fluid retention in the case of kidney failure and cardiac arrest can benefit immensely from eating these foods thanks to the increased urine output that they promote.

All of these natural diuretic foods contain phytochemicals that give them their diuretic effect. The main phytochemical that they all have in common is called flavonoid, which is a non-nutritive component with the power to heal.

Another thing these diuretic foods have in common with each other is they contain little to no sodium content and are extremely rich in potassium. This is very important because increased sodium consumption can lead to fluid retention, while limiting urine output.

Natural diuretic foods are not as powerful as diuretic medications; however, they can be consumed daily on a regular basis without the fear of side effects, which helps to even the playing field.

The following natural diuretic foods can be consumed on a regular basis without the risk of side effects. If you’re already on medication, please consult your physician before consuming any of the following foods in hopes of healing an ailment.

1) Artichokes contain cynarin, which is the active ingredient that increases urine output that leads to the elimination of urea, a waste material.

2) Celery is a highly effective diuretic thanks to its essential oil or essence. People with gout should consume celery as well since it also promotes the elimination of waste products such as urea and uric acid.

3) Eggplant increases urine production as well as stimulates the filtering capabilities of the kidneys.

4) Borage is [gs Depurant] as well as diuretic. It can be consumed raw, as a juice, or cooked.

5) Cauliflower helps with urine production and it helps purify the blood. In addition, it helps promote the elimination of fluids retained in the tissues.

6) Asparagus consumption tends to give the urine a unique odor. The active ingredients that are responsible for this odor help to stimulate renal function as well as urine production.

7) Red mombin is a diuretic tropical fruit that’s indigenous to both America and Asia. People with kidney stones and kidney disease benefit best from this fruit.

8) Green bean consumption helps the body eliminate uric acid via the urine. Green beans are highly recommended for those suffering from fluid retention or renal failure.

9) Apples are a great food to eat because they’re extremely helpful with the elimination of fluids retained in the tissues. Apples are also diuretic and depurant, which means they help eliminate toxins from the body.

10) Peaches are great for people with cardiac and renal disease because they’re mildly diuretic and they’re extremely rich in potassium with little to no sodium.

11) Melons have the innate ability to trigger the kidney’s ability to eliminate waste as well as alkalize the urine. Melons are an excellent food for those suffering from kidney stones because they increase the solubility of the salts that form the stones and they prevent them from forming. People with urinary infections can also benefit from the alkalizing abilities of melons because the germs that cause such infections cannot survive in an environment that is not acidic.

12) Loquats are rich in diuretics that stimulate the production of urine as well as trigger the elimination of urate granules and other deposits.

13) Pear consumption helps to stimulate kidney function as well as increase urine production. People that suffer from renal or cardiac failure should consume pears because they promote the elimination of fluid as well as salt that has been retained in the tissues.

14) Watermelons have a diuretic effect that is just as effective as melons. Watermelon is a depurant and it is alkalizing.

15) Grapes are a great diuretic food. They’re also alkalizing and uricosuric. Obese people and those suffering from gout can benefit from grape treatments.

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