10 Ways To Build Loyalty For Your Brand Through Online Presence

Building your brand loyalty in today’s era using the powerful virtual event management platforms will help you make more money. 

In a latest article by Review42, 60 percent of loyal customers will buy from their preferred brands over the others.  

While it is said that customers will prefer to choose their brand and return to the same brand for their needs, it is crucial for the brands to also keep up with the changing environment. 

With the pandemic outbreak, brands faced a major issue in making sales, and there were a few brands that carved their way, tried something different, and reached more customers with this simple technique: webinars. 

So, how can you gain more visibility and increase brand loyalty through webinars? Read along to understand this in detail. 

Personalize your webinars

Webinars are a very different aspect when it comes to building trust. During and post the pandemic, many attendees are registering for various webinars because they have an ample amount of time in their hands to try, attend, and learn something new. 

While not all of your attendees are your customers, personalizing the webinar still plays a huge role. Where the world is virtual and interactions have taken to computer screens, a little personalization from the brand excites the attendees, and increases their attention. 

Do your homework about the attendees, get close during the Q&A sessions, interact with the silent attendees, and make everybody feel comfortable. Onboard a well equipped webinar management platform to drive realtime engagement during the webinars. 

Be the expert

Now that your first webinar was great, make sure to keep all your brand data available for the customer to see. Every customer performs their market research, and you must be a smart salesperson. 

If your brand was able to kill it in the first step, then make sure that your virtual presence has all the information listed. Answer to all the queries and address their concerns. Portray yourself as the leader and let your customers know that you care. 

Converse regularly

Now when we say converse regularly, you don’t have to do it personally with anyone. The easiest method is by posting content regularly on your social media handles. As the webinar is the first step, it is up to you to mark your future steps. 

Create an amazing and exciting content plan and keep your handles busy. Use intelligent, brand specific, and customer-oriented content that lets customers believe in you. 

Use more images and videos because visuals are intriguing than words. Set your timeline and study the target audience before sending out the content. 

Converting the most probable customers

You have seen the attendees in your first webinar, and by this time you have a fair idea of who your interested audience is. Once you have completed a lead analysis, identify the attendees who can most likely be your customer. 

To these customers, send them regular emails about an upcoming webinar, the latest content posted, the organization’s stance, etc. Interact with this set of audience and regularly by personalizing the messages, and showing them love and care. 

Problems can be your enemy

Not really!

Problems are a part of the solution and every product that gets launched into the market does both, initiates a problem and solves another. 

While your product is out there in the market solving issues, if at any point in time, the product bothers the customers, then have your team of experts ready. This team should be solely dedicated to solving custom queries at the earliest or provide them solutions that will help them move forward. 

If you have a worse or an average customer support or success teams, then you are never winning the battle. If your customer-centric teams are at par, then rest assured, your customers are in great hands. 

Following up is the trend

Don’t just follow the trend but understand why ‘following-up’ is the need of the hour. 

There are many brands out there, probably you might have 10 competitors in the market. While customers glance through all or most of the similar brands, it is your duty to keep them engaged and struck to your brand. 

To make that happen, following up is important. After the webinar is done, send a personalized and eye-catchy feedback form. Follow up with them about things they liked and disliked, what they would love to see in the future, and many more. 

At regular intervals, connect with your audience, send them emails, make them follow you on social channels, and keep them engaged to your brand. 


Recognizing your customers online is a great way to grab some eyeballs. People love attention and you must not step back in making your customers happy. Thank them for their generous support and loyalty. 

Send them personal notes over emails, or create exciting video and share them on the social platforms. Include customer interactions in your upcoming webinars and create a brand on social platforms like never before.

Reward your customers, not just with discounts 

Customers love surprises and gifts from their likeable brands. When thanking your customers, include a personal touch of gifts or memoirs that will help in strengthening the bond.

Increase their reward or loyalty points and keep them happy. Create marketing campaigns which include your customers’ contributions and see the love increase to the sky. 


Making your customers happy is the only mantra to increasing brand loyalty. 

As you look around to see your competitors for ideas and marketing campaigns, also check out how they keep their customers happy. Understand if their customers are even satisfied or not. If they are, then try to pull them towards your brand, and if they are not, then you have a lot to pitch in. 

But don’t forget about your existing customer. Make them happy so that they can give you more customers and revenue.

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