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10 tips on how to design a logo for a startup business

Can you name a business that runs without a logo? No, because a logo is crucial as it represents the company. It symbolizes the brands it stands for and helps people recognize these brands even in the crowd. For a startup, it holds even more importance. It not only provides a strong foundation for your branding activities but also makes a positive image of your company. 

Since you’ve just started your company, a logo will help you build its identity. But for that to be outstanding, you have to consider a few tips. Here, we will discuss some crucial tips on designing a logo for your startup. So, keep scrolling. 

Understand the need 

Business is not an easy task. First, it requires you to attract your target audience and keep them engaged. A logo will stir their interest in your brand and compel them to know more about you. But to attract their attention, your logo has to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Keep in mind that your brandmark will have an enormous impact on people who will know your business. It will give them the needed information about your business and help them see if it’s right for them to go with your brand. 

Because it’s an essential part of your business, it has to be beautifully designed. Each of your branding materials will carry the logo. Right from your website to the business card, packaging, and other materials, it will stare back at your target audience. Only a professionally designed logo can do it and communicate the message you want to convey effectively. 

Research well

You shouldn’t start any design project without proper research. Conducting visual study and building a mood board is an essential part of any design process. This helps you get insight and create a picture of the industry you’re designing for. It will also give you a thorough insight into your audience and visually help things in their respective places. 

Think of the competition 

Competitive analysis is always a good idea. It helps you create a picture of your competitors and understand why customers notice them. Do not even try to copy your competitors. Remember, your business idea is unique, and you have to stand out to position yourself with a distinct identity. When you differentiate yourself from others, people start noticing.

Think of your audience 

Consider what catches the attention of your target audience. Think of their consumer behavior, which brands they are comfortable with, and how they cater to their needs. Think about how you want your brand to be noticed by those customers. Also, think of for how long you want to stay there in their minds. 

Also, ask yourself — how would you present your business offering to them with a logo design for the first time. Customers often go to a brand based on how they look. So, make sure your brand looks right during the first encounter. 

A logo isn’t your entire brand 

Keep one thing clear that your logo isn’t our entire brand. It’s just one of the building blocks that lets you tell your brand story. So do not over-design your logo or let it say zillions of things at once. This might confuse the audience. 

A logo works as a signature of your brand. It evokes feeling with the proper use of symbols, color, and the name. 

So, don’t over-crowd your logo but keep it simple. 

Hire a designer/post a design contest 

When it comes to creating a custom logo design, you need to either hire a designer or post a contest. As startups have a restrictive budget, both options work great. You can visit sites like Designhill to work with a designer or get a custom logo via a contest within your budget. 

But before you do so, keep in mind that there are no shortcuts for a great logo design. Check the designer’s portfolio before making any call. Describe thoroughly what you expect and then make a move.

Keep it black and white. 

Design a logo in black and white to keep confusion at bay. Sometimes, we get confused by colors. So, it’s great to have a clear idea of the design structure right from the start. But, when you get a logo, you’ll have to keep the color black and white sometimes. Hence, keep this option open. 

Keep it scalable 

When you’re getting a custom logo designed, you have to think of all the places where it will be used. You also need to consider how good it’s going to look there. For example, it should look good on a business card equally as it does on signage. Don’t bother about the texture, color, or any other element that may get lost when used small. 

Make sure your logo looks equally good on small and large items, and scalability is what makes it possible. 

Make it timeless 

Following trends is good. But they aren’t for a longer time period. The pace they come with vanish away with the same speed. A logo should be timeless and shouldn’t be a cliched one. Forget about the latest design gimmicks and follow the timeless tips. A logo designer should build a unique identity for your brand. So, staying away from trends is the best idea. 

Test it and get feedback 

Unless you’ve set aside a massive amount for testing, it’s better that you towards a few honest opinions of others. But when you ask others’ opinions, keep in mind that they may be critical or appreciable. So, don’t take it personally. But, on the other hand, a few people might help you spot those things that your eyes fail to see in the design. 

Their honest feedback may bring positive changes to your logo design. So, don’t hesitate to ask what they think of the design. 


A logo may seem easy to design, but it isn’t. it takes a lot of research, a thorough knowledge of customer behavior, principles of logo design, and more. Consider earlier said tips to simplify the task of designing. 

In case you have any tips, feel free to share them with us. 

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