10 Minute Self-Care Breaks for Moms On-the-Go

Days are long, and there’s constantly a litany of chores. Moms, whether at home or working a full-time job, accept massive responsibility, and it’s hard to find a bit of time to detox from the overwhelming stress in the chaos of the day. However, it’s critical to take even a bit of time each day for yourself, step away from everyone else and do something alone.

1. Facial Cleansing

Yes, the bed is calling your name, but don’t hop into it just yet. Take 10 minutes to wash off the grime and oil from the day. Head over to the sink. Shut the bathroom door, locking everyone else out, and begin your nightly facial cleanse. Rely on quality face serum and cleanser that helps remove dirt and buildup while replenishing moisture. Make beautifying a priority and allow this time to act as a metaphor for washing away the day’s craziness.

2. Deep Breathing

Tension can build quickly, weighing down on you physically and mentally. Head to a quiet space and sit and breathe. notes that the practice lends several benefits, including supporting cortisol levels and blood pressure. Try out several different methods. One to use at the beginning asks you to sit or lie down. Breathe in through your nose and feel your belly increase with air. Release the air through your nose. Do this several times.

3. Play Your Favorite Songs

Do something you love. Grab your cell phone, plug in your earbuds and enjoy your favorite songs. Let’s face it. Life asks you to do a lot for others. You need a bit of you. reports that music may play a role in mood regulation, so if you’re feeling down, frustrated or angry, tune others out for a bit and take in the beat and lyrics of some tunes.

4. Read One Chapter a Day

Ten minutes may not seem like a lot, but it’s long enough to let you dive into a print or audiobook. Listen to a chapter as you fold laundry or grab a book and sit in a comfy chair. Escape the chaos and craziness by delving into the plot and character development. Stories are a means of leaving the current world and experiencing something else. In 10 minutes, you could knock out a chapter a day, exploring a new location or encountering unique people.

5. Drink a Cup of Tea

Grab your tea kettle and some herbal bags. In fact, pick out your favorite mug as well: the one that makes you smile or reminds you of a friend or memory. Steep the tea and then sit in the cushiest chair possible. Ask everyone to give you 10 minutes of peace (set a timer to ensure it happens). They can go off and find something to do without you for that brief bit! Sit down and do nothing but sip that drink until it’s gone. Make it last and soak in the solitude.

Do you need a boost? Try a mid-morning cup of coffee (after everyone gets fed and on the right track). Remember that caffeine lingers in the body, so avoid it after noon. You don’t want to interfere with your sleeping patterns.

6. Text a Friend

Get away from the daily grind and catch up with a friend or close family member. You might not squeeze in a phone call, but you could make time for a texting session. Ask about the day, vent about anything on your mind or pass along a funny meme. Mayo Clinic reports that friendships may offer several benefits to people. These social connections act as support systems, helping to maintain self-confidence and purpose within the world. Grab a chair, and reach out to a friend. It could do you and the other person a world of good.

When life gets demanding, take a break. It doesn’t have to be long. Give yourself 10 minutes to do something that takes you away from the stress and busyness of life and allows you to feel good.

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