10 Essential equipment you need before your road trip.

Preparing for your road trip.

Whether you are planning a road trip, staying in an RV and travelling across the country, or if you are just taking a road trip to a vacation location a couple of hours or days away, it doesn’t matter, you need to be prepared for your road trip.

This applies to the driver and everyone else in the car. Long road trips can be tiring, uncomfortable, and awkward, especially after so long in the car, sitting down. So, having all you need for your road trip is very important.

Doing a road trip in an RV is not quite as awkward as a car-based road trip, however, you still need to be prepared before you leave for your journey.

So, let’s look at 10 things you need before you go on your road trip.

#1. Navigation.

Let’s not beat around the bush, you need navigation, even if your trip is fairly straight forward the whole way. Having a GPS set up is always critical, and having a proper set up for it can save you some issues on the road. However, we all know technology is not flawless, so you should always have a back-up. A road map might seem a bit old-fashioned but if your GPS stops working in a dead zone, a map can save you from getting lost on the road.

#2. First Aid Kit.

Even if your road trip is super tame, a first aid kit can come in so handy. Even just for cuts, grazes, scrapes, or even a spontaneous nose bleed. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Roads are not the safest of places, and it is worth having a first aid kit with you just in case. Anything could happen on your trip.

A travel first aid kit is perfect for this.

#3. Hygiene.

If you are taking young children with you, ensure you have wet wipes, diapers, and so on. Keep hand sanitizer in the car, tissues, and clean underwear. Whether you are traveling in the car or RV, being certain that you have everything to meet hygiene needs is super important, and can stop people from getting sick or having to deal with unpleasant smells or situations.

#4. Snacks and drinks.

This one doesn’t really need to be said, as we don’t know anyone who will get in the car without a drink and some snacks before a long journey. Even if it means stopping off at the gas station to pick up some munchies and a large mountain dew, keeping snacks and drinks is vital.

But with this, make sure you plan toilet stops too, otherwise all that food and drink will have nowhere to go.

#5. RV essentials.

If you are travelling in an RV, things are a bit different, you need to make sure your RV is prepared properly. Check the septic tank, make sure the electrics are all good, and that it is fully stocked up. Check your hot water heater for your RV, and make sure everything is working and fully functioning at least two days before your journey.

Do your car checks such as tires, oil, and wiper fluid, but also check everything inside the RV too- all the way from the hot water heater to the stove and your toilet flush. You can check with any rv supply store for these requirements.

#6. Car games/ Card games.

No one wants to get bored during their journey, so make sure there is plenty of entertainment. Okay, the driver can’t participate in every game, but the last thing they need is everyone asking ‘Are we there yet?’ So, travel games are essential!

#7. Medication.

It might sound obvious, but don’t forget your medication, and always pack extra painkillers for headaches, especially for the driver, staring at those roads can bring along a headache easily, so make sure your medication is packed alongside some extra painkillers. Pop them in that first aid kit!

#8. Comfort items.

We don’t mean your baby blanket, but comfy clothes, some slippers, a pillow… things to make the journey more physically comfortable. Who wants to be wearing their kicks in the car for hours on end, take some slippers!

#9. Chargers.

Take chargers for the car, to charge up your phone, any electronics for the kids, your GPS. Everything needs chargers these days and RV or car, make sure you have your car chargers and any others you need.

#10. Clothes.

Don’t forget a change of clothes. In an RV you are unlikely to forget this, but take something to change into on long drives, we can get a bit groggy after a few hours in the car, so it doesn’t hurt to freshen up a bit.

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