10 best places to visit in Austria

The land of magnificence with beauty, history, music and lush greens, Austria invites you to become a part of the fantasy. You can make your dreams of travelling come true as Austria offers you everything your inner traveller desires. Come immerse in the history, or go skiing at the world’s renowned spots, you can also visit its art museums, and it also provides solace to those looking for a quiet stroll. Confused about where to go when there is so much to see and do? We will guide you through our list of the 10 best places to visit in Austria. So scroll down to see the magic unravel, trust us you won’t regret it.

1. Innsbruck

Innsbruck can be your go-to destination for all seasons, and this alpine town has plenty of choices that prove to make your stay worth it. You can choose to either spend your day strolling through the old town, or getting a glance at one of the finest museums in Europe, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum.

This beautiful town contains ski resorts that are world-renowned and can be savoured in the winter months. There are fun activities for adventure lovers also, so don’t be afraid to show your wild side. You can go hiking in gorgeous meadows, bungee jumping at Europa bridge or take a thrilling ride at Nordkette mountain range.

2. Wachau

Getting immersed in the history of a place while relishing the taste of wine, who wouldn’t like that. If you want to enjoy this, come visit Wachau in Austria. This place is among the UNESCO world heritage sites for being culturally important. Wachau is famous for some of the best white wines, this valley is one of the best south Austria’s tourist attractions to not miss on your Austria tour packages.

Filled with beautiful monasteries, breathtaking castles and fortresses, Wachau is all about history and architectural magnificence.

3.  Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a pretty little town sitting near the Hallstatt lake, looking over its gorgeous blue waters. Although this town is one of the most scenic places in Austria, it is more than just scenery, the place offers many adventure activities. You can do rock climbing, hiking, and boating, to unravel your wild side.

Visit the lovely attractions around the town like Bein aus, ice caves and salt caves.

4. Vienna

One of the most popular cities in Austria is Vienna. It is filled with museums, palaces, and it is home to opera and Beethoven. You can stroll along the city’s charming Ringstrasse boulevard which is surrounded by royal buildings and scenic parks, which makes you feel like you are in Vienna.

Choose either to soak in the history of Vienna by visiting Schonbrunn and Belvedere palaces or St. Stephen’s cathedral or savour a cup of at cosy coffee houses of Vienna.

5. Alpbach

Alpbach is one of the most beautiful places in our list of 10 best places to visit in Austria. This town is world-renowned for being the best skiing spot but other than that it is also known for its alpine tradition. You can relish the picturesque wooden farmhouses, scenic cattle fields and skilled craftsmanship of the residents. It is voted as the most beautiful and scenic village in Austria, nestled between magnificent snow-capped Austrian alps.

6. Bad Gastein

Known for its Belle Epoque architecture, Bad Gastein is located at the centre of the high Tauern mountains. It is a beautiful and picturesque spa town covered with gorgeous green patches, surrounded by high mountainous cliffs. You can see the gorgeous Bad Gasteiner waterfall which flows directly through the centre of the town.

Tourists come to this town to wash away their stress at the therapeutic thermal spring water and many resorts; thermal baths in the area give radon therapy which cures diseases related to the immune system.

7. Graz

This city is the second-largest city in Austria; it has lush forests, rolling hills and mesmerising farmlands. It is located on the banks of the Mur river, the city was fought over and ruled by everyone including the Ottomans, Napoleon, Romans to Hungarians and Habsburgs. It is filled with history and architecture but that’s not it, you can experience the amazing nightlife of Grad at the city’s various restaurants and bars.

Graz boasts of history centres like baroque palaces and renaissance courtyards that are closely found attached to old churches and modern museums. The most iconic thing being the iconic clock tower situated on top of Schlossberg hill.

8.  Salzburg

Popular for its connections with the ‘Sound of Music’, it is the best place for tourists to visit. It is popular for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who is a renowned composer and you can see the house he was brought up in. Its culture goes beyond music; though it has a range of museums scattered through the city alongside the city’s majestic cathedrals.

The Mirabell Palace Gardens are where you can see the filming location of Sound of Music. There are other fabulous places to go and see in the old town, especially Getreidegasse with its unique signs.

9.   Hoher Dachstein

It is home to several glaciers including the Hallstatt glacier, Grober Gosau Glacier and Schladminger Glacier. Hoher Dachstein is the best place if you desire to see the glaciers. When you reach the top of this place you can see various ways to enjoy the views of the mountains. There is an ice palace with elaborate ice carvings that can be enjoyed by people who have a fear of heights.

Hoher Dachstein has thrills of a suspension bridge and glass-bottom of the stairway of nothingness to Skywalk observation deck; you need a brave heart to enjoy these adventures.

10. Worthersee

Worthersee is the most voted summer destination of Austria, there are many reasons like canoeing, gorgeous churches, spelunking etc. that make it worth visiting. The fabulous Worthersee lake offers ample chances for swimming, boating and canoeing.

You can go to the colourful Griffen Stalactite cave if you want to experience thrill and exploration. Visit the birthplace of Porsche and complete your list of places to visit in Austria.

You would be enchanted by the beauty of dreams like meadows, stunning historical monuments and cathedrals of Austria. It is a fantasy you would like to live in again once you visit, from magnificent cities to pretty villages; it has everything you would ever dream of. So come visit Austria and enjoy the Austria holidays at one of the places mentioned above. What’s stopping you? Let’s go!!

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