Your First Physiotherapy Singapore Session

At physiotherapy Singapore sessions, a physio will review the condition that the client remains in and aid produce a strategy to strengthen the spots that are of the most concern.

If you are seeing a physio therapist since you are wounded, the procedure is about the same. The first visit will be to reassess the scenario and determine the physiotherapy strategies that would be the most useful to satisfy your needs. You should always use baggy and comfortable garments, or perhaps exercise clothes, to your visits. This will make it simpler for the physio therapist to work with you and make you more comfy. Once you have made a plan of treatment goals with your physiotherapist, you will be able to get started on the treatment.

Types of treatments

Massage therapy

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue through making use of hands. Massage therapy can enhance blood circulation, lower discomfort, and boost pliability. Massage can additionally help in reducing any type of tension that you could have been accumulating within and lower your pain perception as well.


Some pain or wound is triggered from a muscle tissue putting excessive stress on a nerve, either as a result of trauma or inflammation. Neurodynamics can assist identify the source of the nerve compression and minimize the discomfort.

Physiotherapy Taping

Your physio therapist might make use of taping or strapping to pin certain joints. This can take tension off of hurt areas and permit much better recovery.


Stretching throughout physiotherapy can mean a few different things. To begin with, stretching can help discharge any kind of muscular tissues that may be knotted up. It will additionally enhance your range of action and enable you to remain more physically active for a lot longer. Enabling your muscles to extend will make them move much better, reducing the threat of injury.

Following Up

Your following session will once again start with a discussion to find out:

  • How you have been since the last visit
  • If there have been any adjustments in the condition
  • And, if you were offered workouts, how you have found them

Your physio therapist will conduct an additional objective evaluation, looking for any modifications since the last visit. If you were given treatment at your very first visit the physio therapist will use this evaluation to figure out if this needs to be modified. If you were provided exercises, for instance, these may be progressed or altered depending on the results.

If you weren’t given any type of therapy or actions in the first session, you will be in the second. You’ll be instructed what to do and given an e-mail or offered a printout to support you when you’re at home.

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