Yellow cards betting

This aspect can be predicted by following the basic principles. Long-term strategy of such betting can bring money. Learn more about it to increase your chances of earning on this market.

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What are they in soccer and why do referees give them?

A yellow card in soccer is a warning for gross violations of the rules. The word “warning” means that the next will lead to removal from the field.

It is is given for:

  • gross violations that can lead to injury to an opponent: 
  • provocations of opponents, conversations with the referee, gestures to the fans, and so on;
  • time lingering;
  • simulations;
  • interruption of a dangerous attack by another team;
  • deliberate hand play.

Strategy for betting 

Variations of the strategy of betting on yellow cards may be different, but we recommend choosing the total on market. Doing so, adhere to the following principles.

Give preference to markets for bets on total over. Choose the teams that receive no more than one yellow card. But in any match, a conflict situation may arise, pulling numerous yellow cards behind it. If the clubs consistently play roughly, receiving 3-5 cards in a match, then bet on the total over of yellow cards.

Find a list of 15-20 “favorite clubs” based on statistics. Their average number of yellow cards in a match must be at least four.

Look for the games of very motivated teams who are rivals. Each championship has such pairs, for example, Roma – Lazio in Italy, Partizan – Red Star Belgrade in Serbia, Dynamo – Shakhtar in Ukraine. In meetings between such rivals, there are often at least 6-7 yellow cards.

Watch selected matches to make a profitable bet in live. If in a prematch on Total over 4.5 the odd is 1.50, then by the 30th minute it will rise to 1.80-2.00 in the absence of yellow cards.

Taking into account the listed principles, you can find 15-25 suitable events per week. This will make it possible to place bets on cards according to the given strategy, evaluating the results over a distance: a month, half, or an entire season.

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