What Time of the Year Is It Better to Climb Aconcagua

We have options to climb Aconcagua. The best months will be from November to March. Aconcagua Park opens on very specific dates in November and generally closes in early March. There is Rarely a weather window, and you need more stamina to summit attempts during your itinerary. Anyway, the weather can be extremely cold and windy at any time. The busiest time on Aconcagua is from mid-December to mid-January, and there could be over 2,000 climbers on the mountain at this time of the season.

We like to avoid climbing when there are too many people on the mountain. I am sure you have read that the Aconcagua expeditions are just high-altitude hikes. This may be true if you are in your best physical shape and everything is going well for the day. I tell you from my own experiences; the weather can be challenging every day on this expedition. You can experience intense heat, intense cold, and heavy snow that create some of the harshest conditions you can share on a mountain. The altitude, the low temperatures, the falling rocks, and the risk of suffering from altitude sickness should temper everyone that what Aconcagua is a walk in the park.

Make sure you can pitch your tent, sleep in a tent, and manage the tent’s life in harsh conditions. You will carry everything yourself over the base camp. The mules take all the equipment, your duffel bag, and your backpack to the Base Camp during the Aconcagua hike. There is the option of higher support on the mountain. There are two options that you can pay for a porter to carry 10 kg of your equipment or a porter to carry up to 20 kg of your equipment and your part of the expedition equipment.

There are porters at both base camps ready to help with cargo transportation. It is always best to reserve this support well in advance. Aconcagua climb can be dangerous if precautions are not taken. The route we take has some risk of rockfall above Base Camp below Camp 1. There is also a risk of rockfall below and in the Canaleta at the top of the mountain. However, there are always deaths on Aconcagua every season.

People caught in storms, fall from fatigue, rock falls, and challenges related to high altitude will kill if not handled correctly. The days before my last climb, a lady was killed when a rock hit her at the top of the mountain. There are many rescues each season for altitude, frostbite, and injured climbers /. It is up to you to ensure that you come in excellent physical condition and ready for all eventualities. However, it is the climate and altitude that make Aconcagua dangerous.

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