What is the best way of maintaining your Health?

America is in a dire position right now. The total prevalence of obese and overweight people in the country has exceeded 42 percent. This is among the highest in the world and it is showing no signs of stopping. In the last decade, the percentage has grown from 30 to 42 percent. The percentage of extremely obese people increased from 4.7 to 9.2 in the same period. This increase brings to light a problem in American culture. American people mostly work in offices with a large majority being employed at jobs that cause them to spend a large part of their day sitting in a chair or doing tasks that require minimal physical activity. According to a survey, only 20 percent of the jobs present today require significant physical activity. This number used to be 50 percent at the turn of the century. Another factor that has exacerbated the problem is the fact that Americans are less likely to travel on foot or by cycle compared to the people of other comparable developed nations. Countries like the Netherlands come to mind as examples. Most Americans prefer to travel via cars which harms their health. A large majority of Americans, even those who might not appear to be obese, do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise.

When it comes to personal fitness and health people often choose one of two options: Workout or dieting. These are large fields that have very different impacts on a person and can be varyingly useful. The best approach however is to adopt both practices because without one the other does not have the full potential benefit it can have. This is the fact that most people overlook. Therefore you must start your fitness journey under careful supervision. Contact personal trainer austin so that you can have the proper guidance and motivation along your fitness journey.

Over the years there have been several dieting fads as Americans have started to blame different parts of their daily diet. These fads often revolve around the idea of being strongly against the consumption of one type of food. Sometimes it is red meat and sometimes it is dairy or wheat. With enough time these ideas fade and everyone returns to their old diet. The normal diet in the country is another problem. Most Americans are either too busy or too addicted to fast food to consider homemade food. Most people have made fast food a common part of their diet. According to a study, almost 11 percent of the diet of Americans consists of Fast food. Over the years the fast-food companies have gotten better at their advertisement that attracts more people. When these companies were criticized for the danger their food poses to human health they “altered” their recipes to be healthier but in essence, they only changed the ingredients from very dangerous to slightly less dangerous ingredients. These diets are the cause of the diseases that are plaguing our nation including diseases like heart problems, stroke, and diabetes.

Exercising is the other side as many people believe that if they work out it does not matter what they eat. This is utterly incorrect. There is a saying that goes “You can not outrun a bad diet” and there is a science to back this up. It takes two hours of running to burn the calories inside a chicken Burrito. This shows that keeping control over what you eat is vital to personal fitness. Moreover, relying solely on workouts means that the results are much slower which may cause people to burn out and quit which means they will be at risk of diseases once again.

So consider a gym that can help you while you work out as well as guide your diet.

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