What Happens In A Dental Clinic Singapore Session

Have you booked a dental clinic Singapore session for the first time? Unsure and anxious about what to expect during the treatment? If so, this article is for you. In it, we cover the major steps taken by your chosen dentist during the teeth cleaning session.

Initial Oral Examination

Initially, the oral hygienist utilizes a little mirror to analyze the inside of your mouth. If they detect obvious concerns, they’ll pass that information onto 1 of our dental practitioners. Yet if they find something significant, they might stop the cleaning completely. They would after that right away consult with one of our dental experts on how to proceed.

Teeth cleaning

Interested in precisely what is taking place in the course of a teeth cleaning up aside from your teeth becoming cleaner as well as whiter? Fairly a great deal! Initially, our hygienist will certainly examine your teeth as well as mouth for gum illness, tartar, plaque, or cavities utilizing a little reflector. Hereafter, the hygienist will certainly move about your mouth and also get between teeth and around your gums making use of a scaler. This is that small tool that looks like, to be fair, an abuse instrument. Yet it isn’t! It’s just a great tool used to get plaque and also tartar out from your teeth and avoid tooth cavities.

This cleaning is followed up by a tooth cleaning with an electrical toothbrush as well as special toothpaste that is a bit grainier and also more powerful than the Colgate you use at home. This is made use of to scrape off any extra tartar or plaque that wasn’t gotten rid of. Hereafter, you obtain a pro-level flossing. During this flossing, you likely get a tip of why flossing is essential. Floss much more! Depending on your age or check-up frequency, you might be fortunate enough to get a fluoride cleansing after the flossing to maintain your teeth extra clean. After this your teeth will most likely look whiter than when you arrived. They’ll most definitely be cleaner!

Polishing Teeth

Next, we use sandy tooth gloss as well as a special zippy brush to brighten your teeth. Prior to beginning, the hygienist will certainly ask you to pick your favourite taste of tooth polish.

Dental cleansings should never injure. So, you don’t have to really feel startled by the whiz of the toothbrush.

Flossing Between Teeth

Congratulations! If you have actually reached this far, you’re virtually done with your oral cleansing. As the final action, the dental hygienist will floss your teeth. This will certainly eliminate any kind of plaque that could be hiding between teeth. Flossing can additionally allow your dental hygienist recognize where gum blood loss occurs.


Now, your dental hygienist will splash some water right into your mouth and request you to swish. Once you’re ready, we make use of a mini vacuum to get rid of the liquid from your mouth. The rinsing phase assists get rid of any type of leftover tooth polish.

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