What do you know about the gas mask water pipe?

So, have you ever visited the head shop? If yes, then you must know about the gas mask water pipe. It is the best way to smoke THC and CBD by creating a hot box for accumulating gas. It is the typical way to smoke weed with a face mask and water pipe. The connection hose is available to provide the link of the smoke mask with the bong.

The connection with the water pipe helps to circulate the water pipe around the cannabis bowl. Thus, this connection provides the cooler vapors of smoke. Hence, along with the novelty item, it is very useful for getting perfect hits. So, if you’re ready for the long smoke parties then, use these gas mask water pipes to enjoy the super hits.

Top gas mask water pipe reviews

So, here are some of the best gas masks that are available in different materials and designs. These gas masks are available in a variety of unique features for the perfect vape experience. Hence, it means that you can take your favorite one. Thus, have a look at these:

1-      Gas mask bong-Skulled shaped

This skull-shaped gas mask water pipe might not be good in providing perfect hits but it is superb in style. It is the whole skull and thus fits in the head properly. The skull shape is designed such that it never slips off from the head. Hence, it means that it provides a perfect grip. Additionally, it is available in various unique colors and designs.

2-      Joystick gas mask bong

So, talking about this model it is quite similar to the above one. But the unique feature that I like in this model is the joystick grip. Hence, it means that it is perfect for getting enough smoke and control over the bong. In addition to this, the joystick version is made with the acrylic material that is common nowadays.

3-      Silicone gas mask water pipe

The silicone gas masks are of silicone material instead of acrylic. Silicone is stronger than that acrylic material. It is durable and long-lasting. Additionally, it never bends or tears if accidentally dropped by hand. So, these gas masks also fit according to your head size perfectly with the straps available with them.

4-      Acrylic gas mask water pipe

So, if you want to have a low-budget mask then, an acrylic gas mask is perfect for you. These acrylic masks are available with a metal pipe for the grounded cannabis. Hence, buy this one at an affordable price range and enjoy the best hot box smoke experience.

Why is the gas mask water pipes beneficial?

Gas masks water pipes are advantageous in several ways. So, let’s dig into its details:

Create smoke pocket

Thus, here I am going to unveil an astonishing fact about gas masks. These masks create a hot pocket where all the smoke gets trapped. Hence, in several areas of the gas masks, the smoke gets accumulated that you can inhale for several seconds. Thus, in this way, the cannabis smoke never goes to waste and you can enjoy the full hits.

Increase THC rate

THC rate is the transfer of concentrate from the flower to the users. Hence, increasing the THC transfer rate means that you can enjoy maximum hits with greater concentrates. In most cases, 60-80% of concentrate gets wasted and burned down. But thanks to these gas mask water pipes that now you can get full vapes.

Innovative item

Most smokers find it a joyful novelty item; it means that you can enjoy it more with it. It not only provides you with complete flavorful hits but also brings colors into your life. These gas masks are perfect for parties and chilling out with friends. There are several sizes, designs, and colors available from which you can choose your favorite one.

Final verdict

In short, the gas mask water pipes are best for joyful hits. Additionally, the gas masks provide you with perfect hits and are available in various designs, colors, shapes, materials. These are budget-friendly and hence never disappoint the customers.

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