Using an Antique Style Guide

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery that you want to add some old-world charm to? Are you in the market for a specific piece that you want to add to your collection? If so, then you may want to consider purchasing some antique jewellery style guides to help you make your purchase even easier. These guides are basically a book that contains a series of images of different styles of jewellery from all over the world, which you can then choose from. Here are some tips on how you can find a jewellery style guide from Carus Jewellery that will be just right for your needs.

Local bookstore

Firstly, you may want to start off by visiting your local bookstore, which should have a small section dedicated to antique jewellery style guides. Many antique stores carry these guides, and it is likely that there will be a few in your area. If not, then check out websites on the Internet, as they should contain a number of antique jewellery style guides that are relevant to your particular interests. You can also look on auction sites like eBay for antique jewellery style guides, although these will be very different to the guides that you would find at a bookstore.

Make a note of the guides

It is also a great idea to make a note of the guides that you find, so that you will be able to refer back to them whenever you feel like. Also, remember to be practical when making your purchases. If you are going to purchase an antique jewellery style guide, then you should probably focus on pieces that are replicas or copies of the original pieces, rather than actual authentic pieces. However, if you are trying to purchase an original vintage piece, then you may have to focus on antique style jewellery. The rules of style are still the same as for modern jewellery, so you need to keep in mind that a genuine piece is worth more than an imitation.

Check out local jewellery store

There are also many different places to purchase antique style jewellery. Check out your local jewellery store, as well as antique shops and even second hand stores. The Internet has allowed many people to become collectors of antiques, which allows them to purchase them from all over the world, providing a wealth of opportunity for you to create your own jewellery collections. Just be careful to choose pieces that you truly like, because if you don’t enjoy it, then you won’t be likely to hang onto it in the future.

Different styles of jewellery available

Antique style guides are an excellent way of browsing through the different styles of jewellery available. Not only will you be able to get an idea of what jewellery appeals to you, but you will also be able to see the variations of design that are out there. Antique jewellery can be very ornate, simple, intricate or somewhere in between – you just have to take the time to explore the different types available. In fact, some of the very old pieces will look completely different now, compared with what they did when they first sold.


If you’re interested in purchasing antique jewellery, you have a number of different options. You can choose to buy whole pieces or you can buy jewellery as a part of a set (check out our website for more information on this). If you would prefer to purchase your jewellery on your own, you can visit your local jeweller or look online for bargains. It’s important to know what you’re buying, so make sure to do your research – there’s nothing worse than getting a piece of antique jewellery and not knowing what it’s made of!


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