Types of online slots

Casino slots

Also known as classics, they present reels, ambient sounds, and tunes on their screens that evoke the physical slot machines that were included in the legendary Las Vegas casinos in the 50s. Consequently, they imitate that legendary universe from another era, but within this new online environment in which we currently operate.

In general, they are simple games based on the most traditional symbols (cherries, diamonds, double grapes, bells…) and, in general, they have a single payout row and three single reels.

Despite being inspired by the slots of yesteryear and maintaining that voluntarily chosen vintage halo, they present optimized graphics, do not include the spin limitations of their references, and have prizes of our time, much juicier than those of other times. They are also different on a sound level: despite maintaining the sounds of gears and ambient murmurs, the hit songs are absolutely current and recognizable in the online สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ slot universe.

Slots with mini-games

It is an evolution after the initials. They incorporate bonuses to access new experiences, in the form of mini-games, which provide more excitement, adventures, and experiences. The result, thus, is usually more satisfactory. On a regular basis, it is specified that the accumulation of certain winnings allows access to complementary game spaces or modalities.

It is, so to speak, like separate games within the main game. They are activated during the development of each game and have their own rules, environments, and formats.

The most frequent types of minigames are:

freespin. If you win the minigame, you receive free spins that allow you to accumulate added wins.

Match bonus. You will have to match different symbols to get your rewards.

Pick-em bonus. Its mechanics involves choosing an object that, perhaps, hides a prize.

Elements of online slots


They are the graphic elements that are displayed on the reels and, of course, determine the winnings obtained or not. There are different types, although their existence varies in each slot :

  • Standards. When they line up in the right amount in the play zone, they make a profit. Normally, at least three should appear.
  • Wild. They are wilds that replace any other symbol in the game except scatters and bonuses.
  • *Scatter* or dispersion. Its function is double. They are paid with an amount, usually higher than usual when they appear in the required amount. In addition, they report incentives or additional free spins.
  • Bonds. They are similar to scatters, but they trigger bonus games, usually with big payouts. Usually, three identical ones are required.

Rollers or spools

They are the spaces in which the symbols of the game appear. Therefore, these graphic elements are matched or not. Consequently, they are essential in any slot machine and are presented in different amounts; usually never more than 5.

Winning or pay lines

They are also essential in the operation of any online or physical สล็อตเว็บตรง slot. There may be only one or several, in which case they are more attractive because they allow more prizes and possibilities to be achieved. It is often possible to configure them before starting the game.


These are special prizes that allow you to get real money in larger amounts. There are two main classes, which can be present in both physical and online slots :

Delivery prize in the game. It has a fixed maximum limit and, to achieve it, it requires meeting certain pre-established requirements. For example, 5 identical icons. The amount is always identical in all games, regardless of when it was last obtained.

Progressive jackpot. It is very popular because it anticipates especially generous prizes. It is not available in all slots, but it usually brings together slots that act in an interconnected way, whether they belong to the same casino or to several. Its amount is fed by each player who participates in these progressive slots. After each spin, the jackpot increases, which can get really high. As is logical, the chances of achieving it are lower than for the fixed ones.


Some slots include these types of additional, short-lived game formats that become small oases of additional entertainment to optimize player satisfaction. These mini-games are activated on the fly and become games within the game. By participating in them it is possible to get different bonuses: additional money, free spins, and other incentives.

Online slots: game mode

There are not too many differences between physical and digital slot games. Mainly, there are some differential steps in the online mode that it is necessary to keep in mind:

  • The first thing is to register at a virtual casino or slot machine website, such as Goldenpark. The usual thing is to fill in a form with the username and the e-mail.
  • We then include the allocated funds for gaming in the user’s account. It can be done by bank card, PayPal, or other payment methods.
  • We select the chosen game.
  • Then, if the game allows it, we must determine which pay lines we are going to play with.
  • Next, we decide how much we are going to bet, always within the minimum and maximum range that we have defined. Depending on this decision, we will access different types of payment and probabilities of success in the game. Before making this decision, you should review the available payout table: it lists what prizes you can win in each case, as well as the game’s features and possible bonus rounds available.
  • We activate the spin. The rollers start to move. If you win the prize, the system will show you your winnings and you will possibly have the option to put them back into play in a bonus round.
  • We continue to play, always responsibly and with the aim of having a good time, without dependencies. If we keep spinning the reels, we can get new winning combinations and optimize our bankroll.

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