Top Tips To Create A Unique & Effective Personal Brand

It can be daunting and challenging for someone to build a personal brand if they do not have any prior experience. Some do not know where to start, while some have fears of overexposure and added pressure. Branding is vital to any business in any industry, but it can work wonders for your business when you use personal branding in the right way. 

You have to be unique, personal, and genuine if you want to create your brand. This article will discuss some tips and steps that will help you go a long way in creating a distinctive personal brand for yourself.

  • Know the need for creating a personal brand.

Think and consider the needs behind creating your brand if you want it to succeed. Think about the reasons to start it and how it will help you and your image. When you have clarity regarding your needs, it will be easier to lay out the plan of your brand. 

Freelancers have different goals from a business owner or an entrepreneur, and their reasons for personal branding will vary naturally. People love to see what is going on in other’s lives, hence the success of Social Media, and they will be interested in knowing the reason behind your personal brand. Therefore, you must truly understand why you are building a personal brand.

  • Control your brand’s P.I.E. yourself.

Performance, image, and exposure, also known as PIE, are vital for any personal brand to be successful. Gone are the days when ideas and hard work were enough. Performance is essential because if your work has no quality, no one will like it. 

Image refers to what people think of your brand and you, while exposure ensures that people look at what you share with them and know what your brand stands for. You can look out for a personal branding agency  Germany or other regions, and they will help you build a better PIE for your brand. Even with an agency, the control of your PIE stays in your hands, of course.

  • Build your brand framework based on your story.

You need to know what the story behind your brand should be and what you want to be known for. Your unique and personal journey is what will set your brand apart from the competition. When you understand the identity and personality of your brand, you will put your story forward better. 

Your story will give rise to your brand framework. It should tell about the purpose of your brand and core values. Tell about the benefits of choosing your brand and uniqueness. The more personal and unique elements you put into your personal brand, the more people will like it. 

  • Analyze your brand’s current condition.

Try to Google search your brand’s name and see what comes up. The first thing people do to learn about someone is search them on Google. People and employers also give a lot of value to your brand’s social media image and profile.

If Google or other social media pages portray your brand in a bad light, you need to change them. Facebook and Linked In profiles of your brand must be up-to-date and showcase the best part about your brand. Therefore optimizing the search engine results (SEO) of your Brand should be on the top of your to-do list.

  • Share relevant and unique content.

When you post content for your audience, it should match your personal brand’s portfolio and image. Do not just copy trends and use well-known generic content, even if it is unrelated to your brand.

People value content and will visit your brand repeatedly if they like what you are providing them. You can take help from various digital marketing services to create the right content. 

  • Build an attractive online presence among target users.

You may have set up your brand’s website and social media profiles, but it is of no use if enough people don’t see it. You should be active on social media and create an engaging presence among followers to build beneficial connections and business relationships. 


Personal branding is not a piece of cake; it’s a whole pie. You have to keep many things in mind before you put your brand in front of the world. Following a proper strategy created through your vision will help you dearly. 

It is upto you to make people think of your brand in a way you want to. So keep the above tips in mind and create a compelling and unique personal brand. 

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