Top 10 Restaurants in The World

What you eat at a restaurant can be one of your best experiences ever or worst. At times, the service at the restaurant will determine if the restaurant is excellent or not. It can also be about the general setup and design of the restaurant. When it comes to deciding the top restaurants in a city, that’s a tough ask already. How about the top in the world? It looks like a fatal task; that’s why this list can make the whole job easier for you. Here are the top ten sushi restaurant Richmond in the world.

Mir Azur

In Menton, France sits the best restaurant in the world – it’s unrivaled by any of the competitors all around the globe. This restaurant made its debut as one of the top fifty restaurants globally at number 35 back in 2009.


Sitting in the second spot of the top restaurants today is Noma that’s in Copenhagen, Denmark. What makes this restaurant stand out is that there are new genres of food created here. In addition, the New Nordic cuisine that’s incorporated here looks back to look ahead.

Asador Etxebarri

One of the most significant selling points of this restaurant to be one of the top restaurants in the world is the cuisine. The Spanish cuisine is already exotic as it is. Here chefs can create incredible flavor out of simple ingredients. The restaurant is in fitzroy takeaway Axpe in Spain.


The best restaurant in Asia is Gaggan which is found in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant is consistent with the innovative, improved hub of creativity. The menu has around 25 or more courses – this incorporates different rapid-fire small bites. These types of food can quickly be eaten out of hand.


Another top restaurant that’s in Copenhagen, Denmark, is Geranium. This restaurant incorporates both natural and technological-based artistry. The menu here is a 17-plus inspired course.


If you are looking for anything Peruvian when it comes to a restaurant or food, you need to visit Central. This promises to be one adventure you will live to remember. If you are residing in Abilene, Texas, you should definitely consider visiting some of the top-rated restaurants in the city. Check the best restaurants in Abilene today


Another top restaurant in the world is in Spain; this is the Mugaritz in San Sebastian. This is one of the most creative restaurants you can visit when it comes to dining.


Europe has some of the top restaurants, and this one is among them. It is home to one of the legendary chefs in the world that have retained three Michelin stars. So you can get some of the fancy cuisines that you can find on the continent.


At the heart of Barcelona, Spain, is this top-of-the-line restaurant that comfortably sits as the 9th top restaurant in the world. Some of the dishes served here are a bit paradoxical, and they may not pique your interest – you need to be brave to experience them.


Another restaurant in Lima, Peru that stands out is this one. The restaurant has even been voted the top restaurant in Latin America in both 2017 and 2018. The cuisine is a new experience through Japanese and Peruvian delicacies.

Best Restaurants In The World

When looking to dine at some of the top restaurants globally, you need to consider these. They present you with several creative designs and menu options. But just because a restaurant didn’t make our list, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a mention. For instance, the Tom Douglas chain of restaurants in the Seattle, Washington area are notorious for fresh seafood cuisines, and let’s not forget that the Mudbar is a “must visit” restaurant in Launceston. Wherever your travels take you, you can always resort to asking the locals where they prefer to dine.

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