Tips to Managing Your Weight

Most people struggle with managing their weight, however for others adhering to simple rules is the key to keeping fit and Visit Geeks Health. Whereas dieting is one of the most common practices to maintain the right weight, habits and lifestyle adjustments may take time but are equally effective. Slips can happen, and you may revert to old behaviors that interfere with your weight loss goal once in a while. Dr. Kalpana Desai helps individuals achieve their fitness goals through various interventions. Learn how to stabilize your weight with the following tips successfully.

Meal planning

It is essential to plan your meals in terms of what to eat or when to eat. Because of a busy lifestyle occasioned by life demands such as work and school, most people cannot eat a balanced diet while away from home. Meal planning involves avoiding certain types of foods, especially those containing high amounts of calories. Also, you can take stock of different recipes, and you can also compile a list of restaurants that have balanced diet menus. Lastly, you can set an eating schedule that involves spacing your meals or snacks.

Good eating habits for long-term success

Some feeding habits can be helpful in your weight loss journey. These include the three meal principle, avoiding snacking between meals and putting together a balanced meal tailored to your needs. Also, drinking at least two liters of water every day not only helps in preventing dehydration but also normalizes other body functions such as blood pressure and protects your organs and tissues.

Sleep well

The quality of sleep can affect your weight loss objective due to various reasons. Poor sleep can increase your need to snack, which dramatically adds more weight to your body. As well, there is a correlation between the stop eating hormone, Leptin, and sleep. When you sleep more, you have more Leptin, and hence you will eat a lot, leading to weight gain.


Regular exercise is essential for long-term weight loss and maintenance. It is advisable to exercise for an hour every day, even if it is just a walk. In addition, add toning and strength exercises at least three days a week to maintain muscle mass.

 It is necessary since even if you are losing weight with dieting, you also need workouts to prevent muscle breakdown. Having good muscle mass means keeping your metabolism busy and in good shape.

High-intensity aerobic exercise burns excess fat; however, you need to be careful since vigorous activity can lead to injuries. Also, if you have an underlying condition, you need to consult your doctor before engaging in high-intensity workouts. In this case, you can burn fat through moderate activities such as long walks, cycling, and Yoga.

Positive attitude

By paying attention to your eating habits and physical activity, you can achieve your weight loss goals in the long term. However, it would help if you also had the motivation to achieve the objectives. If you are clear about the benefits of your weight loss routine, you can find the motivation, even if it is through your doctor’s advice.

Individuals who stay true to their weight loss goals enjoy long-term success. Contact the specialists at Integrated Family Medical Center and kick start your weight loss journey.

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