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The Followers Economy: Get Real Followers On Followers

The like feature was first introduced on the video hosting site Vimeo in 2005 as a simple way to gauge overall audience reception on a particular video. Today, followers have become a prominent feature on any social media app. The data received from followers is important in finding out a user’s interests and hobbies, which helps social media algorithms to better determine what posts to show to a specific user and hence increase audience engagement.

Instagram Algorithms

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app which is owned by Facebook. With more than 900 million active users worldwide, it is one of the most common social networking sites. The service is known for its hyper-personalised post-sharing, in which users can customise photos with various filters, geotag locations and post stories.

To enhance user experience, the app follows an algorithm that decides which posts should be prioritised on a user’s feed or the Explore Page. This thus directly impacts followers. This algorithm runs on various factors such as:

  • Interest: Based on the types of posts someone is generally interested in and has liked in the past, similar posts will be shown.
  • Relationships: Post of the people someone follows show up on their feed.
  • Timeliness: Posting at different times has an impact. For example, posting when more users are active ensures more followers because it is likely to show up on their feed.
  • Frequency: How often one posts also determines followers. Posting more often ensures more followers.

Thus, followers play a vital role in audience engagement. To get more followers, understanding the algorithm is necessary. Besides that, you can track your followers statistics through a free Instagram unfollow app and see how many accounts unfollowed you and try to find a solution to fix the problem and get more follows.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 

Likes can be quite useful in some ways.

  • Beneficial for businesses: Instagram is known for its young tech-savvy population. Businesses that stay on top of the latest trends and are able to design appealing posts that satisfy the algorithms will garner more followers and achieve more success.
  • Helps find engaging content: Since followers are the most important tool in determining a user’s interests, they improve the experience of using the app by showing content that the user is likely to connect with.
  • Interactivity: Followers are important for the continuation of and reinvigoration of online communities and profiles. With one simple click, they keep profiles active without much effort.

Despite their benefits, likes can also have some adverse negative consequences.

  • Mental health: Becoming obsessed with the follower’s counter can be quite toxic. A lot of people, through comparison to others, begin to associate their self-worth and esteem to followers and feel validated only through numbers.
  • Addiction: Social media addiction can be quite crippling. Since algorithms track users’ habits closely, they become eerily accurate and can lead to time being wasted scrolling mindlessly through the feed.
  • Privacy concerns: Recently there has been a surge in users questioning how ethical it is for companies to collect huge swaths of data on them and use that to target advertisements and posts. Laws regarding online privacy and regulations have already been introduced in various countries, such as the EU.

Instinctive followers for new posts

We need to know howto get real followers on Instagram. Even though the process is simple, we need to look into it.

  • Upload the content
  • More followers detect new media
  • Followers, followers, followers

The like feature is automated on Instagram. It helps in making your content successful and reachable.

To get higher followers and have a good reach in promotion, you must have a good strategy for getting real followers. Instagram has become one of the major platforms not just for teens and students but various businesses are using it as an influential marketing strategy. With proper techniques and usage Instagram can help your business reach greater heights and thus, earn more profits.

Like any other feature, followers have their pros as well as their cons. In fact, Instagram is in the process of testing “hidden followers” on a few select users – which prevents any person besides the one who posted a picture to see the number of followers it has received. If successful, it could be made a permanent feature of the platform. What impact will this have on the platform in the future? That remains to be seen.

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