Solar Water Heaters Buying Guide

A solar water heater is equipment that heats water by converting sunlight into heat. The device uses a thermal collector to heat water for domestic or even industrial use. The system can help save a considerable amount of energy compared to petroleum and gas because solar energy is free.

Economic impacts of using the solar heaters in Kenya


There is an increasing need for hot water for homes, hotels, and industries. The increase has proportionately impacted the cost of energy used to heat water.  Additionally, the price of electricity and fuel keeps rising steadily. The cost is unavoidable because homes need hot water, and some industries also use hot water in their production process.

You might therefore need to consider adopting a more sustainable and efficient way of heating water. This system uses natural energy from the sun. It is free of electric shocks, and it does not pollute the environment because it has no emissions.  Below are some of its positive economic impacts you are likely to enjoy by using solar energy.

Lower cost of maintenance

The system requires very minimal maintenance, mostly regular cleaning. It does not contain moving parts that wear out and or need servicing, and they come with a lifetime warranty of up to 25 years. Therefore, this means that the cost of maintenance is low, and hence the profits are higher.

Low cost of installation

The cost of acquiring and installing solar water heaters is relatively low. The panels used by the system are cheaper than the usual panels for generating electricity. Besides, you only install the system once and then use it for a long time. The initial cost should not be a big issue since you install it only once and use it for almost a lifetime.

Efficient and reliable

The solar water heaters convert almost 80 percent of the radiation from the sun into heat. They heat water without requiring additional energy from other sources. They are therefore more efficient and reliable. The sun’s energy is renewable and available throughout and is not limited. The system also takes up small space and is easy to set up.

Zero cost of energy

The system uses the sun’s energy. Therefore you are not required to pay for the energy you need to heat water compared to electricity, gas, or oil. The sun’s energy is available for free all the time. The system, therefore, helps reduce the cost of production for industries leading to higher profits.


With the rising cost of fuel and electricity and the increase in the need for hot water in households and industries, devices using solar power are the alternative to water heating. The cost of installing is not much compared to the lifelong service guarantee. You only have to ensure that you install the correct capacity for your needs and with qualified experts. If you are in the market for a solar water heater, check for the best prices and quality.

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