Safe and Trusted Format: 7 Perks of Using a PDF File

PDF files have been our best friends in today’s digital age, where we heavily rely on online processes and activities. Especially during the time of the pandemic, we became dependent on the Internet. Just as we became heavily reliant on the Internet, many malicious elements were also on the rise, waiting to pounce on you anytime. Converting documents to PDF has been one of our defense mechanisms against hackers who might break into our system and exploit our data. Aside from this, PDF files have lots of other perks. If you are one of the people who are indifferent about what PDF files can do for you, allow us to tell you a thing or two. Here are some of the reasons why you should use PDF files.

1. Versatile

PDF files are versatile because you can convert many file formats into PDF files. Yes, you can also convert PDF files to a different file format you may choose. You can convert word documents, excel, PPT, Mobi, and more to PDF–and vice versa. You can even convert PDF to PNG, JPEG, and other photo file formats. Choosing PDF files is perfect for those who find it hard looking for the file of their choice online. Converting PDF files also makes it easier for you to access and preserve files. More than this, you can convert your files to PDF without sacrificing their quality.

2. Portable

Another thing we love about PDF files is their portability. These files are low maintenance. You can read PDF files anytime, anywhere. You can access it using your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle–as long as you have the right software program to open it. Aside from this, PDF files have relatively fewer file sizes.

3. Secure

We may have talked about this in the points prior. PDF files offer the utmost security for protecting your files. Anyone will not be able to edit it accidentally or unauthorized. Aside from this, the format of your file will not be ruined or messed up. It will maintain its order even if anyone accesses it through a different file format without its proper fonts. You can add a layer of security to your PDF files. You can set a password to it, so you will be sure that only authorized people can see your document.

4. Accessibility

PDF files are more accessible and have easier searchability. When opening Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader, you can easily look for the file you need by just looking it up through a quick search. PDF files can be orderly, too, with an organized table of contents that will link you to its rightful sections.

More than this, PDF files are the easiest to access. You do not need any sophisticated software program. Titles in its PDF file are also the most available online. If you upload a file in PDF online, readers can easily access your post in whatever browser they use.

5. Interactive and rich media

Another thing that we love about PDF files is that you can include multiple media on the file. Since you can also save PPT and .psd files in PDF, you can have a PDF file with many fun and interesting media. PDF files can feature hyperlinks, audio, movies, file attachments, and more!

Using PDF files is also perfect for your presentations and proposals. Having extra visuals will always be a plus!

6. eSignature-friendly

Contrary to popular belief, signing a document digitally is more secure than signing it physically, scanning it, and sending the signed copy online. Anyone who illegally grabs ahold of your document can exploit it and use it against you. You can sign your documents digitally with PDF files. eSignatures will ensure you the utmost security for legal transactions with the right digital software.

7. Archive social media posts

Another perk for using PDF files is that you can easily save your posts in PDF. Once you have saved your file in PDF, it will also be easier for you to print your saved files. Especially with Instagram posts and Pinterest pins, you can archive them by saving them in PDF. Save Instagram posts in PDF and print them out if you are thinking of making a scrapbook or putting together a photo album. Printing Pinterest pins will be convenient in case you renovate your home or you need a theme to show to your contractor.

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Choose the safest platform and tools

Here are just some of the perks of using a PDF file. PDF files have many helpful and secure uses, but it is also important for you to be strict about the websites, tools, and programs you will use. Most hackers and viruses thrive in sketchy sites and tools that you allow into your computer. For a trusted and secured tool, you can use for a variety of processes concerning your PDF.

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