PDFBear Guide: How To Unlock PDF Password For Starters

If you have a Facebook account, Bank Account, or any sort of account, you will understand that this type of thing is encrypted with a password. It is encrypted with a password because it contains sensitive and personal information. A Portable Document Format can also have a piece of confidential information inside.

Hence, the importance of putting an encrypted password to your PDF files. However, it is a hassle to remember all of the passwords for every PDF file you own. To save you from the trouble of typing a password every time you use a PDF file, you can use an online PDF converter tool to remove your password with ease.

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About PDFBear

PDFBear is a kind of platform that aids the problems of most individuals with their PDF file necessities. To help everyone who needs a PDF file configuration, they make an effort for their platform to be available for everyone. You can use any of your desired functions that you will need for your documents free.

You can find almost all of the functions that are usually needed in configuring a PDF file. These are among the most used functions in their website, which are converting PDF files into another format, Edit PDF, PDF Reader, Share Document, Unlock Password Protected PDF, Add Watermark, Rotate PDF, and many more functions that you should take advantage of for your future necessities.

The goal that PDFBear wants to achieve is to be ranked among the most prominent online PDF converter tools on the internet. As days go by, PDFBear is slowly climbing the peak of the title of the best online PDF converter tool today and doing its best to exceed every expectation of everyone who gave PDFBear a chance to serve their PDF files needs.

To use the services of PDFBear, all you need to have is a device that can help you connect to the internet so that you can visit its website. Your document is also one of the most critical parts of converting your PDF file, so always remember to save it in it safe from any virus. If you are ready to convert your PDF files, here is a detailed explanation of removing an encrypted PDF file.

How to Unlock PDF File

Before we start unlocking PDF files, you need to remember that by doing this, our goal is to help you have convenient access to every PDF file you have. Always keep in mind that you can only remove an encrypted PDF file only if you know the password it contains. When removing a password from your PDF file, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide.

First Step

The first step is to transfer the data of your PDF file into the system of PDFBear. By doing this, PDFBear can now recognize your PDF file for converting. For you to transfer the data of your PDF file, you can select your PDF file and upload it directly to the system of PDFBear.

An alternate action you can do is by using their unique feature to upload a document by just simply dragging and dropping the PDF file into their system. Once PDFBear already has your PDF file, your ready for the next step.

Second Step

The second step in unlocking a PDF password is to type in the uploaded PDF file’s current password. 

Third Step

If you are done typing your PDF file’s current password, you can simply click on the “Unlock PDF,” and you can now proceed for that fourth step.

Fourth Step

The Fourth and Last step in unlocking a PDF password is to let PDFBear decrypt your PDF file. If the decrypting process is completed, a newly converted PDF file will be available for you to download.


We have a lot of things that have been encrypted with a password for safekeeping. However, it is an inconvenience when you need to type in a password each time you open up a PDF file. In order to ease the inconvenience you are experiencing, you need to remove some of the passwords from your PDF file so you can simply click on and start reading the document.

The best method to unlock a PDF file password is by using an online PDF converter tool like PDFBear. It allows you to do different kinds of configurations about your PDF files. In this article, a step by step procedure is provided to you to unlock PDF files easily.

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