News writing for public relations

Today, news is essential to people. In terms of living, education, doing business, government, etc., are all things that people should be aware of. So as news is a medium for public perception, It is therefore imperative that news writers must have knowledge Principles for writing news correctly to obtain information that is complete, short, concise, easy to understand

News writing is both a science and an art. that requires writing techniques to create understanding and interest in the people. Before writing news, you have to learn that kind of news first. which can help us write news more easily.

“News” is an event or story that happens. It is essential to be of interest to the public. Affect the people and has been presented through the “media,” where news is presented in response to curiosity. which is the natural need of human beings with the following objectives

  1. To inform the Breaking News, Business news, World and US News or events that happened to the public
  2. To describe the details of the event to understand the facts
  3. To give advice and practices in the correct way to ensure safety.

Basic principles of news writing

Writing Breaking News to publicize or convey to the mass media or the public There must be details to answer the question Who? Doing what? When do you do it? Where do you do it? Why do? And how to do it? Also known as using the 5 W + 1 H principle, the details are as follows.

  1. (Who) Whois an important person related to news, name-surname, position, occupation, group of people, government organization, private sector, etc.
  2. (What)action, activity, incident, etc.
  3. (When)time, day, month, year, etc.
  4. (Where)area, place, sub-district, district, province, country, etc.
  5. (Why)cause, reason, objective, goal, etc.
  6. (How)method, procedure, process, difficulty, ease, etc.

Usually, the information obtained May not be able to answer all questions. But it should at least cover verses 1, 2, and 3 to write a Real Estate Market News story. and when the information is given, consider the importance, compile it to have complete important content

The structure of the news includes

  1. Headline: Short, short messages that arouse the audience’s attention.
  2. Lead (Lead) complete important message but no details
  3. News content (Body or Contents) add details in order of importance

Steps to writing news

  1. Study, find information, gather as much information as possible.
  2. Must have a rough outline of the content Set a topic to write Choose the main points for writing.
  3. Write news stories using the various news writing styles mentioned above.
  4. Format and review the writing several times. especially about the use of language in writing should be spelled correctly
  5. reread it or have someone else read it. to obtain complete and complete news.

current news writing style Popular news writing in an upside-down pyramid style.

Journalism is based on an inverted pyramid structure. It is a news presentation in order of importance from highest to lowest. This is consistent with human nature. To be curious, the details section later includes the news headline, the introductory paragraph, the link section, and the body section. News writing is sorted in order of importance, starting with the introduction that is the story’s main point, and the link that connects the relationship between the lead and the content of secondary importance. The content section is a component that provides details of all events or stories that occur.

News writing for public relations

News writing for public relations The process is the same as general news writing. but has an additional purpose which is the objective of the public relations as follows

  1. To create the correct knowledge and understanding of the published story
  2. To create a good feeling for the organization or agency
  3. To prevent misunderstanding of the policy or ongoing projects

There is an essential principle that news for public relations must be positive and constructive news based on the truth caused by the good deeds of an organization or agency.

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