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Basically, Dixon Technologies is an Indian multinational electronics manufacturing services company. It is based in Noida and is involved in the manufacturing of LED bulbs, televisions, and security systems for companies. It also manufactures lighting products like downlights and battens.

Consumer durables

Several consumer durable stocks have retreated over the last few weeks. Rising interest rates have dampened investor sentiments. Inflationary pressures on the mass segment have also hurt demand. Price increases on products in the mass segment are expected to continue. However, demand from the entry level segments is expected to be subdued.

The S&P BSE consumer durables index comprises constituents of the S&P BSE 500. It is a composite index of 15 stocks from the consumer durables sector. The index has retreated over 11 percent in the last 15 sessions.

The S&P BSE consumer-durables-industry-classification-system (CDSC) lists the top 10 consumer-durables-industry-companies by volume. The company with the largest market cap is a homegrown manufacturer, Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd. It has six manufacturing centers in Uttar Pradesh. The company manufactures LED, CFL and tube lighting fixtures, household appliances, and medical equipment. It also offers reverse logistics services.

Lighting products

Located in Noida, Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd is a diversified company that manufactures consumer electronic products, medical equipment and provides reverse logistics services. Its offerings include LED television panels, tube lighting fixtures, LED and CFL bulbs, mobile phones and smart phones. It also has a well-developed EMS business, which assembles products in accordance with customer specifications.

Although it is a relatively new entrant in the EMS space, Dixon is certainly no stranger to repeat business. It has garnered the reputation of being one of the largest EMS players in the country. It uses in-house R&D to design and manufacture its products. It also uses the cost efficiencies of scale to achieve low unit costs. It has over 15,000 employees in India and has a diversified portfolio, ranging from medical equipment to mobile phones and LED TV panels.

Mobile phones

Founded in 2013, Dixon Technologies has come a long way. It is an electronics manufacturing company with a market capitalization of more than $2 billion. With India’s ambitious plans to develop local industry, the company has become one of the most prominent companies in the outsourced manufacturing sector in India.

Dixon Technologies has a large order book. It has made set-top boxes for Jio and DISH. It is also in talks with another major mobile phone player in the U.S. It has also begun exporting Motorola mobile phones to Southeast Asia. Its production capacity has risen from 2 million to 4 million smartphones per month after the government’s incentive scheme began.

Dixon expects a major share in the global smartphone market. It has a capacity to manufacture 50 million smartphones this year. It also plans to expand into refrigerators and laptops. It is also in advanced discussions with two brands with a good share in the Indian market.


Currently, Dixon Technologies share price is trading 1.8 per cent above the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex. The company is expected to generate significant revenues and margins in future. Besides, it has a strong manufacturing base in various products, including televisions, mobile phones, security systems and lighting. It is also a leading manufacturer of electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

Dixon Technology is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with strong economies of scale, low working capital, and diversified product mix. The company’s product portfolio consists of LED TVs, colour televisions, digital TVs, CFLs, CCTVs, home appliances and mobile phones. It also provides reverse logistics services. It is a leader in electronic manufacturing services space in India. It has a diversified product mix and strong market presence. It has a cost-effective pricing strategy and global sourcing.

Top 10 Peers

Founded in 1993, Dixon Technologies is a manufacturer of consumer electronics and lighting products. Its offerings include mobile phones, LED TVs, medical equipment, security systems, and lighting products. It also provides repair and refurbishment services. Dixon is currently the largest home grown consumer electronics design and manufacturing company in India.

The company’s flagship products include LCD televisions, mobile phones, LED TVs, and home appliances. It also provides reverse logistics services for its products. Its products are manufactured at its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company has a strong presence in the Indian market, but faces competition from its global rivals. A major competitor to Dixon is Amber Industries. Similarly, SFO Technologies and Omega Digital Circuits are also major players in the industry.

The company also received a lot of accolades for its IPO, including a certificate of appreciation from PHILIPS LIGHTING and a stellar success from the Delhi Langar Seva Society. It also received a private equity investment from IBEF.

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