Is Thyrocare Blood Test Reliable?

Blood tests are one of the most important parts of routine health checkups. There are many kinds of blood tests that a doctor prescribes to keep a tab on the patient’s health. They are generally prescribed as a part of annual medical check-ups or routine health check ups. Blood tests can give out insights with regards to blood sugar, Hemoglobin, White blood cell counts, specific organ functionalities etc. Blood tests can be done at a path lab, at a hospital, or blood tests at home can be taken by trained experts from the pathology lab or from a hospital.

Thyrocare Blood Tests

There are many kinds of blood tests and many kinds of pathology labs that offer blood tests at home. Thyrocare is one of the leading pathology labs in the country. It is easily also the most preferred lab by people because of their attractive packages. Thyrocare path labs have been in operation for the last 23 years and is one of the largest fully automated labs in India. Blood tests at Thyrocare are therefore more reliable as well because of their error free accurate reports from automated labs. The main lab of Thyrocare is situated in Mumbai and is one of the biggest autonomous labs in the country. They operate in over 2000 cities and towns across India and is one of the largest networks of labs. This makes it extremely easy for patients to have continual service from any city of the country. Their large network of lab technicians and staff has also made it possible for them to create a free home service system that offers free home sampling. This is extremely helpful for older citizens who do not have the ability or the ease to access lab services or for the sick and diseased who cannot easily access lab services. Such patients can easily get their blood test at home and the reports can be collected via email as well.

Blood Test Packages from Thyrocare

There are many kinds of blood test packages that are offered by Thyrocare which are often grouped together so as to make the job of both the patient as well as the consulting doctor easy. These tests are typically grouped together on the basis of the diagnosis of specific disorder or for typical investigations such as Kidney Function tests, Liver Function Tests, Blood Sugar Tests, Thyroid Tests, HBA1C tests, Fertility tests, Vitamin tests etc.

Some of the most popular packages designed for patients by Thyrocare are listed below:

1. Aarogyam A

Aarogyam A is a basic package and also the most affordable test package with 35 tests. The tests are mainly focussed on basic health measures such as Lipids, Cardiac Risk markers, Thyroid, Iron level, Liver and kidney functions etc

2. Aarogyam B

Aarogyam B is a more comprehensive test that includes all the tests included in Aarogyam A along with a few more tests making a total of 61 tests such as diabetes tests, CBC Blood count tests etc

3. Aarogyam C

Aarogyam C is the most comprehensive test package with around 64 tests with test such as Vit D, Vitamin B12, testosterone level check etc

4. Aarogyam 1.1 to 1.8

Aarogyam 1.1 to 1.8 comprises specific tests that range from 57 tests in the basic 1,1 package to 110 tests in the 1.8 package.

These are some of the most common blood test packages at Thyrocare.

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