Is There a Better Time to Call Pest Control Company?

Of course, there is a great time of year to get a parasite control solution. The chillier months in Australia are usually June to August. As these months aren’t cold contrasted to other locations the parasites will lay inactive over these months as well as be less active than the warmer months.

The ideal season for pest control is August to December

These months are when temperatures, as well as humidity, begin to rise and this will get parasites out as well as concerning. Residential Pest Control Sydney operate in three phases as well as here we will discuss the stages validating why treatments are best done at these times of the year.

  • Inner boundary spray treatment

This therapy is done throughout a parasite control solution around all areas of the inner boundary skirting boards, kitchens and bathrooms. This spray treatment is a fine spray consisting of a resilient product called Cislin 25 as well as has an active ingredient called deltamethrin, this treatment is made for quick knockdown of bugs in your home as well as has a long-term residual for 2 to 4 months.

  • Roof space and wall cavity wiping treatment

A parasite control cleaning treatment is done throughout a parasite control solution by Pest control Penrith, this normally involves a 240V dusting maker that impacts a fine cleaning application through the roofing gap. Professionals, additionally, utilize this same maker to treat wall cavities or your weep openings. This product lasts a year and is developed to get rid of new bugs entering your house throughout the year.

  • Pest control gel bait application

This baiting gel approach is applied in cabinets kitchens, as well as cracks, and holes throughout the home. This gel bait gets put in areas under sinks and unreachable locations as well as is likewise effective for one year.


Now you understand the 3 phases of insect control you can now see the included value of having an insect control treatment done at the right time of year. The stage 1 treatment of bug control is amongst the most important in being effective over the warmest months as-is will supply the fastest control of the present, as well as new infestations.

Stage 2, as well as 3, will manage any type of new pests going into the residence throughout the year.

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