Intention Is What You Need For Writing Epic Papers

Intention is what allows me to write. I guess you could call it my underlying inspiration. What lights the touch paper of my words. By intention I do not mean plans, goals or aims to write X number of words a day or complete a book by August. No by intention I mean my purpose in writing.

The truth I want to tell. The connection I want to establish. The difference I want to make. Intention needs to work its way into the discussion on inspiration not just because I said I would, but because intention helps me whenever I get stuck with my writing – and I believe it will help you too.

Because intention:

Breaks through writer’s block. Focus on the positive intention rather than the act of writing and the words will start to flow.

Changes your state. Think about writing to inspire, to amuse, to challenge, to create and your state will change accordingly: to inspired, amused, challenging, creative. The words will quickly follow.

Connects with your unconscious mind. Focus on your positive intention and then get out of your own way. Drop the obsessing with the act of writing or the choice of a particular word. Your unconscious mind will provide precisely the words you’re looking for.

Gives your words power. I can’t quite explain this one except to say when you write with strong, positive intention your words have a different quality: to move people, to spill spirits, to change things.

Intention was one of the possible themes for this month. I could easily write about intention for 31 days, and here I am trying to squash it all into one post. Sorry.

Because there’s more I want to add. I want to share these words from three very different writers talking about the significance of intention.

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