How to Stay Safe When Making Online Mobile Payments

Downloading and installing apps is a common practice for people who want to make mobile payments. However, this can be dangerous if you download the wrong app or give your information away to phishing websites. For you to stay safe when making online mobile payments, follow these tips.

Only Use a Safe, Trusted Payment Platform

Do not download or use apps from unknown sources. Look for the “official” option on your app store. Read reviews and privacy policies thoroughly. This will help you know what personal information is being shared with third parties.

Check to see if there are payment limits before making a purchase. Most payment platforms like Cellpay have set limits that are easy to identify. Be aware of the payment platform’s refund policy if you want peace of mind when purchasing items online. Most safe and trusted payment platforms have a clear, concise return or exchange process for accidental purchases.

Protect your Device

Make sure your device is protected with up-to-date antivirus software before making mobile payments from unknown sources. In addition, use the same secure password across multiple accounts. It protects you if one of your login details is hacked or stolen.

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Use a secure browser that delivers robust security features before making mobile payments from unknown sources. Such browsers include Chrome and Firefox. Ensure your devices and applications are updated with the latest software updates to protect yourself from hackers who exploit vulnerabilities in older versions.

Use Robust Password Management

It would be best to use strong password management software to manage your passwords. The software should create complicated and unique passwords for each account. Therefore, it will guarantee safe and Simple Mobile online payments.

Allow two-factor authentication on every online platform that supports it. Such a move creates an extra layer of security if a password is hacked or stolen.

If you encounter any suspicious activity or suspect your account has been hacked, act quickly to change all of the compromised sensitive information.

Monitor your Transactions

Be sure to monitor each online platform closely for several days after changing passwords. It helps you identify security breaches that may occur in other places after changing the password.

Monitor your credit card activity carefully to ensure you are not being victimized by identity theft or fraud. If you recognize suspicious activity on your credit card, contact the company as soon as possible. Such an approach may limit any damage done before it becomes too late.

Use a Credit Card not a Debit Card

Credit cards give you more legal protections against fraud and identity theft. Some credit cards offer zero fraud liability. It means that you are excluded from any fraudulent fees made to your account.

Debit cards are less strict and permit some level of fraud liability. If a person gets your debit card information and takes money out of your account, you will be liable. However, if you are using a credit card, the reverse is true.

To stay secure when using payment platforms requires you to use media that have been scrutinized for safety measures. By following these steps, you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud.

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